ET Commander Hatonn Endorses MSM And DMSO For Weight Reduction, And Spelt Grain For Radiation

ET Commander Hatonn Endorses MSM And DMSO For Weight Reduction, And Spelt Grain For Radiation

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)—weight reduction system—clean and clear—cellular
carrier—DMSO, very similar product—ban excess fat from laying down fat pads in the
cells—kola nut and caffeine suppress hunger pangs—superb distribution product crosses
no legal boundaries

Spelt has its own mechanism built in for its own protection—will need that protection
from radiation in atmosphere—arid countries could grow it—not much water needed—
makes good sheltering insulation system for walls and roofs

From MEETING TAPE: G.C. Hatonn notes

Well well well… we have a few  products that are generally under the radar screen. Many of us are deficient in sulfur from our diets, so MSM and DMSO will work safely to rinse the body of heavy metals… clean and clear… this is also an anti-radiation effect… anything that detoxes heavy metals can detox radiation…  Spelt for radiation…. not surprising considering Hatoon also considers Spelt to be the ONLY grain to eat…

Oh by the way… DMSO AND MSM are super good for you if have flabby arms or excess fluid retention on any level.

MODERN WHEAT IS A MUTATED HYBRID… ARE WE WHAT WE EAT? Ascension or being a healthy person, may be extra challenging with a wheat addiction… this is THE BEST article on wheat I have ever read… baked bread smells good, but is it worth the mutations of depression, diabetes, immune response, arthritis, swelling joints, and little nutritional value…? Btw, notice the similarity between ‘wheat’ and ‘we eat’? Seek out ‘spelt’… the only grain recommended by Hatonn.

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4 thoughts on “ET Commander Hatonn Endorses MSM And DMSO For Weight Reduction, And Spelt Grain For Radiation

  1. hi indian in machine what form does the dmso is taken by ,doing some reading on it an its not for internally,could u define a bit more on this

      1. i cant seem to locate a store that does the dmso ,while reading on it twas stated it was applied topically ,the first two i can get spelt amn msm,an that dmso was more an industrial use,

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