2nd Sun In Our Earth Sky… Suddenly A Dominant Factor In World Events, Unacknowledged?

2nd Sun In Our Earth Sky… Suddenly A Dominant Factor In World Events, Unacknowledged?

First check out the footage…

Nibiru Is Real After All!!! Second Sun Now RISING in Horizon (Mawson Station Antarctic)

Let it sink in that Nibiru is here and check out the list if you feel it doesn’t affect us… it appears to be THE dominant factor in our lives…

Well… here’s what we got lately… it’s probably a short list:

-High earthquake activity

-High sinkhole activity

-The oceans are suddenly melting at poles

-Strange sun activity

-Strange weather all over the world

-Unusual solar wind activity

-Major flooding all over the world

-Jet streams shifting

-Earth shape has changed

-Earth tilt shifted.

-Earth spin shifted

-Asteriod season is upon us

-Earth magnetics disturbed

-Human health affected

-High volcano activity

-Fireballs… fireballs… fireballs

As our earth magnetic field is affect by the pull of the giant Nibiru… we learn…

Headlines Are Suddenly Reporting Sudden Rise In Greenland And Antarctic Water Levels, And Unprecedented And Rapid Ice Melting

Earth Is Rattling, Magnetics Are Disturbed: A Gallery Of Nibiru Related Crop Circles With Explanations By Zetas

Sun Freaking Out Now… Cameras Malfunction At Same Time… Something That Isn’t Venus, Near The Sun

Nibiru, Geomagnetic Storms And Our Health… Is There A Connection?

If It Is Nibiru, It’s Breathtaking!… Green Mothership, Or 2nd Sun Sunrise At The Top Of A Volcano Mauna Kea, Hawaii?

This Will Blow Yer Mind! Is This Nibiru? 2nd Sun Davis Station Antarctic 08/27/2014 Anannuki Say They Will Passby Earth

Zetas (And Crop Circles) Say Earth And Nibiru Magnetic Fields, Now “Clashing And Touching” …Is “The Event” Now Here?

Mystery Meteors! 2 Million Miles Per Hour Meteor?… 3 Extremely Fast Meteors Detected… “Most Important Video I’ve Ever Done”

Nibiru-Related MegaLink September 2014 Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Supercharged Sun/Asteroids

Summary: World Volcanoes Now Coming Alive Spewing Ash And Causing Earthquakes… Why Now??? 

Get Ready! Crop Circles Now Depicting Magnetic Disturbance Of Nibiru / Planet X

Zetatalk Says 2004-2014 Crop Circles Demonstrate Magnetic Pull of Planet X/ Nibiru




Nibiru is not bringing destruction, but it bringing change that will never go back to the old ways… ON ALL LEVELS!

When something is causing the energy of the planet to bend and go wonky… you can imagine that this happens on a collective level as well… and individual…  can you see this is a lesson in ‘regaining balance’?

The magic trick here is that we have never been born into balanced situations… we don’t know balance in this lifetime… this is why we can see that we are heading into new ways of balance never before experienced in this lifetime.

Now…. marriage that “balance’ in all aspects of your life, with your “will”… connect with your wisdom, power and love… and you will be comfortably able to walk freely without fear… you can worry and fret about your things and perceived status… but will it matter if you stubbornly ignore messages from spirit via your wisdom, power and love, and find yourself one day waking up with your bed in a flashflood?

I’m pretty sure everything that isn’t love is about to be swept away in spirit… as love itself inspires us to sweep away into spirit… no human has instructions for the rest of us to follow at this time… only heart and spirit can lead the way.

We learn to lose the reptilian passive aggressive attitude towards ourselves, each other, our families, our coworkers, people, animals, Extraterrestrials, Gods, and Creator.

We learn to have harmony over force ON ALL LEVELS OF RELATIONS.

We learn to have harmony over force ON ALL LEVELS OF RELATIONS.

We learn to have harmony over force ON ALL LEVELS OF RELATIONS.

We learn to have harmony over force ON ALL LEVELS OF RELATIONS.



Nibiru catalyzed the birthing of this planet as it’s system collided with the planet Tiamat in a big collision, that made the asteroid belt and earth. 

This time Nibiru will pass by and it will bringing a clashing with earthlife…

“Mountain Size” Asteroid Season!!! Sept. 17 – Dec. 7 12!!!!

… and it will help create the crystalline new human… out of destruction, will come a true celebration of eternal life.  What we are giving up is a lifeless unconscious society… bring it on?

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

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IITM Music


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