Nibiru, Geomagnetic Storms And Our Health… Is There A Connection?

Nibiru, Geomagnetic Storms And Our Health… Is There A Connection?

Since the crop circles and Zetas have said that some crop circles are depicting a magnetic ‘touching and clashing’ with Nibiru’s magnetic field, I couldn’t help but wonder how this may affect human health, if at all.

Zetas (And Crop Circles) Say Earth And Nibiru Magnetic Fields, Now “Clashing And Touching” …Is “The Event” Now Here?

September 3rd Holland Crop Circle In Giant Maize Field Is A “Magnetic” Key To Nibiru-Related Crop Circles

Get Ready! Crop Circles Now Depicting Magnetic Disturbance Of Nibiru / Planet X


Is Nibiru Here?

If It Is Nibiru, It’s Breathtaking!… Green Mothership, Or 2nd Sun Sunrise At The Top Of A Volcano Mauna Kea, Hawaii?

Is This How Nibiru Will Appear? Watch Amazing Two Sun Sunrise (Davis Station) Antarctic August 30-31

Record Smashing 20000 Earthquakes In Past Month In Iceland According To Iceland National Broadcasting Service

BP Earthwatch “Comet Siding Spring Could Be One Of The Most Spectacular Meteor Showers In The Solar System Ever Witnessed In Modern Times”

Earthlings… Now 4 Earth Facing CMEs… Massive Changes In Sun And Weather Now Reasonably Suggest Nibiru


Nibiru Already Triggering Drastic Changes That Include The Sun?

We already have strange weather, a supercharged sun, high earthquake and volcanic activity….ooops let us also add strange magnetosphere behaviour….  and this isn’t a small bit of news either: ice at the poles has suddenly started a meltdown…

Headlines Are Suddenly Reporting Sudden Rise In Greenland And Antarctic Water Levels, And Unprecedented And Rapid Ice Melting

ooops again hehe… let us not forget the barrage of asteroids… and fireballs.  A few days ago there were several days of hundreds of reported sightings…

‘What the heck was that?’ Fireball flashes in skies above Calgary

September 14, 2014, Two Strange Reports of Two Side-By-Side Fireballs Coming In 

Huge Fireball Over Spain… Meteor Strikes Earth… Hits Nicaragua Near Airport… Giant Asteroid Misses Earth

Something is supercharging the sun!

Aug. 25 Earthquake Watch Continues, Now Strange Magnetic Earth And Sun Anomalies! “Whatever Is Affecting The Sun Is Supercharging It”




Magnetic Storms Affect Humans As Well As Telecommunications
by Yury Zaitsev RIA Novosti
Moscow, Russia (SPX) May 29, 2006
It has long been established that magnetic storms not only affect the performance of equipment, upset radio communications, blackout radars, and disrupt radio navigation systems but also endanger living organisms. They change the blood flow, especially in capillaries, affect blood pressure, and boost adrenalin.

Scientific Evidence that Geomagnetic Storms Are Making You Sick

Geomagnetic storms aren’t just beautiful to look at — these disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field could also be messing with your mind and body. There’s a ton of evidence suggesting that geomagnetic storms can cause everything from depression to cardiac problems — and may even be influencing the stock market.

A new paper suggests there’s a lot more evidence for this connection than anybody realizes. We talked to the paper’s author, and here’s what he told us.

Top image: Francis Anderson on Flickr.

The paper, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, argues that there’s a large, disparate, and controversial body of scientific literature that links geomagnetic storms to a number of animal behaviors, including cardiovascular, psychiatric and behavioral changes in humans. And author Dr. James Close has the enormous literature review to back up his claims.


Our Health, Geomagnetic Storms And Nibiru In A Nutshell

This is easy to comprehend… magnetics are a major consideration… sooooooo… the body parts most affected would be areas of high metal… brain, blood and heart, which in turn could trigger other health complications.  Those who are weak in these areas, would be most affected during geomagnetic disturbance.

Your health in light of geomagnetic disturbance can be assisted by:

-Heavy Metal Detox…. metals react with magnets right?

-Blood cleaners.

-Green leafy foods.

-Pure water.

-Cleaners of arterial plaque… garlic

-Heart related herbs, tonics and medicinals:

-Heart-based living.

-Connecting with Christ Consciousness energies (wisdom, power and love).

-Anything that helps to balance blood pressure.

-Omega fatty acids *Hemp seed oil!

-Anything that nourishes and detoxes the brain.

Watch for Nibiru to help cleanse the planet on many other levels as well…. watch for geomagnetic disturbances get even stronger… and stronger… and all for a grand purpose… to get each of us to clean up our act for real and for good. 🙂

It ain’t over yet…but when it is, all will have changed… you can act now or wait until it is too late… your choice… clean up that blood, heart and brain (if you are weak in these area, then you are vulnerable to electrical surges are you not?)… I’ve made my choice for smooth sailing during these times.

ET Summary Of Earth Changes ‘Mini Ice Age Explained… This Is The Most Critical Information Of Its’ Kind’ 

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Support the mission



2 thoughts on “Nibiru, Geomagnetic Storms And Our Health… Is There A Connection?

  1. NAMASTE! Thank you for your dedication to the elevation of the planet and healing of spirits, minds, and bodies. I too am assisting in this process via teaching ancient wisdom of Kemet (Egypt) and Bharata (India) and Native America (Turtle Island). I teach prayer power, meditation, various yogas, herbology, aroma therapy, and gemstone therapy. May you be blessed! I Just wanted to be in touch. Take care.

    I am part Tsalagi (Cherokee), Egyptian, and British. My Cherokee name is Morning Star.

    Dr. Schavi Mali Oghomaria Merit Ra Ali, Ph.D.

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