Did A Fire Spirit Touch My Arm?

Did A Fire Spirit Touch My Arm?

After years of calling in the air spirits… I’ve also been calling in the fire, earth and water spirits… always figuring an invitation is better than nothing… 

… I’m just starting a fire for a teepee camp here…



Notice the flame on my arm is different from the other flame… it is round, where it bounces off the log near my hand… it appears to react with my arm… or a log, but there is no log there…



Looking closer we can see the flame appears to have an energy exchange with my arm, as the flame appears to travel along the same path as my arm.




May it is time to gather around the fire some more… to drum, dance and sing with the fire spirits…

Indian in the machine



2 thoughts on “Did A Fire Spirit Touch My Arm?

  1. Moments within my day feel either very strongly spiritual or not so much. Depending on my daily interactions with others, I feel sometimes they are a huge distraction that I must accept. I learn from you as you move with and through life w/ grace. I wondered if you ever found the helper you were looking? Just curious, teacher. Love, Light, and in your case…Drums:) Diana

  2. I see a face on your arm. I see a lot of things in photos that many people over look. I also capture a lot of orbs in the photos I take as I set that to be my intention. Love & Light, Heidi

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