“The Sky Is Cleaner Now” Theory, And Chemtrails Are No Longer An Issue

“The Sky Is Cleaner Now” Theory, And Chemtrails Are No Longer An Issue

A clue from Archangel Michael: ““And also note, I have not spoken of this… The sky will appear and feel different. I will not explain how, because you will discover how. I am now planting the seed to give you the impression. Just pay attention to the sky. It will appear and feel different.”




I shared this message a few days ago… INTUITIVELY…:

~We Got Some New Air Folks! ~The energy in the sky… in the air is new now… you may still see chemtrails… but know that they are fading away… seek out this new air… it is real… the colours are new and they are real… the sky is more direct communication with all of us on the ground than ever before… say anything to the sky with heart… then see what it says back.

A little deeper into my feelings around the new sky or air energy… it was September 8th 2014 when I noticed something was different in the air… I made a comment to a friend who is also very empathic, and she said too that she felt the air, or the sky itself was different.  Even though I have noticed the chemtrails spray continues… when it goes away… often the air itself is left with a cleaner and more purer feeling than ever before… can you perceive it?



Two possible reasons:  Recent Atlantis Ruby Crystal Activation of September 8th, and Galactic Cleanup

The air itself feels different… cleaner… bluer… better than before… now it’s only a theory… but September 8th was a date of significance of Atlantis Ruby crystal activation… a crystal that will be proven to be very significant for humanity. I feel something with this crystal has brought a purer aspect to our air itself.

Do you feel if a crystal of planetary sigificance would suddenly activate, that it would appear on the evening news?….HARDEE HAR HAR!

Read more on the Atlantis ruby crystal activation: Company Of Heaven: Atlantis Ruby Crystal (Now Activated) Will Become Energy Source For All Of Planet Earth



Our galactic family are putting on public demonstrations of cleaning up the chemtrails leaving little effect from them on the ground… this has been going on for a while.

Rainbow Cloud Thingies That Are NOT Chemtrails… Or A Chembow… Seriously… What Are They?

Sananda Provides A Chemtrail Update Live On “Channel Panel” Blogtalk Radio / Has Chemtrail Activity Lessened Over Past Two Months?

Ashtar Command Rainbow UFO Cloudship Appears Over Canada, And Cleans Up A Chemtrail

The Sky Will NOT Be Owned By Humans By 2025! Uplifting and Comforting Pictures Of The Chemtrail Eaters

Otherworldly Chemtrail Victory Dance: Dancing Sky Angel Neutralizes Chemtrail With Giant Vortex 

Miracle $.99 Simple Everyday Body Paste For Detox, Radiation, Chemtrails, Cancer, Low Energy, And Candida! 



We have grown up in a world where we allowed others to control aspects of our lives… now we are joining together in evergrowing meditations… to create this planet into paradise, because people are getting too tired to play the ‘let’s control each other game’… it is old energy…

With fresher eyes and nose…feel and sense the air… with heart energy, ask yourself if the sky is now different… is it cleaner than ever before, even though we are still being sprayed?



Ashtar Command “New Fifth Dimensional Colours” Public Sky Demonstration

5 New Colours Of The Fifth Dimension: An Explanation from Sananda, And Affirmation From Michele


Indian in the machine

This Will Blow Yer Mind! Is This Nibiru? 2nd Sun Davis Station Antarctic 08/27/2014 Anannuki Say They Will Passby Earth

The Magnetic Clash Of Nibiru And Earth To Catalyze Mass Ascension Theory 2014

ET Summary Of Earth Changes ‘Mini Ice Age Explained… This Is The Most Critical Information Of Its’ Kind’ 


2 thoughts on ““The Sky Is Cleaner Now” Theory, And Chemtrails Are No Longer An Issue

  1. …the sky is bluer, cleaner? What?! …The Chemtrails -(the aerosols of metals, chemicals, bio-engineered pathogens, fungus, molds,etc.etc.) that the Mason’s are (still) spraying, now, aren’t causing any negative effects? Huh??! And your stated reasons for this “good news”, aren’t worthy of serious comment. (Especially from someone who is suffering with Morgellons Disease —> the “from Chemtrails Disease”). Your website here is for providing cover, and buying time, for the Fascist PTB; It, this website -[the “stories”/articles here]- is obvious, OBVIOUS, “Organized Opposition” stuff. P.S.- …And Masonic Prez. Barry S., maybe a (positive) “Lightworker”?! …again, “OBVIOUS”!

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