Weird Storms Go Up A Notch: Four Swirling Storm Patterns In A Line In The Atlantic!

Weird Storms Go Up A Notch: Four Swirling Storm Patterns In A Line In The Atlantic!

Another extremely helpful video from Thornews…

Wow look at that… a few things are going on… 1.  Sun activity,   2.  Geoengineering on steroids pretending that it is only #1.  3.  Magnetic interference from Nibiru.  4.  Mini- ice age.   5. Everything at the same time.

ET Summary Of Earth Changes ‘Mini Ice Age Explained… This Is The Most Critical Information Of Its’ Kind’ 

Zetas (And Crop Circles) Say Earth And Nibiru Magnetic Fields, Now “Clashing And Touching” …Is “The Event” Now Here?

World Weekly Planetary Meditation (Sundays) Now Gaining Momentum

Nibiru-Related MegaLink September 2014 Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Supercharged Sun/Asteroids

Indian in the machine


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