“Boiling Sky” In Cambodia Or Something Else?

“Boiling Sky” In Cambodia Or Something Else?

Images from http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=316293 Described as a sky boiling with activity.

What is going on here may look horrible or beautful depending on your level of awareness… to some this might like look like an extension of haarp, chemtrails or something more sinister… to others, they may notice a few things:

-The colours match the 5 new colours of the fifth dimension.

-The rainbow cloud energy interacts with the white cloud energy as if consciousness is present.

-These rainbow cloudships move against the wind.

-The rainbow cloudships will take on distinct circular or geometric energy.

-Often blue sky completely cleansed by chemtrails will result, after these multi coloured clouds appear.


Ashtar Command “New Fifth Dimensional Colours” Public Sky Demonstration

5 New Colours Of The Fifth Dimension: An Explanation from Sananda, And Affirmation From Michele




Indian in the machine


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