Rainbow Cloud Thingies That Are NOT Chemtrails… Or A Chembow… What Are They?



Rainbow Cloud Thingies That Are NOT Chemtrails… Or A Chembow… What Are They?

It is time to finally know what these energies are… as they are becoming more common place… more and more people are seeing and seeking out the Ashtar Command magical rainbow cloudships… Find out more including how Ashtar Command will personally pay you a visit as a cloudship … as long as you ask with your heart, not in a prove it to me attitude of the ego… and of course, paying attention in fuller presence.  http://sylphsandufocloudships.wordpress.com/

You can try to tell me these are chemtrails… but I can show you videos and pics of cloudships vacuuming up the chemtrails.

Keep looking up… seriously… keep looking up.

Indian in the machine

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Cloud Thingies That Are NOT Chemtrails… Or A Chembow… What Are They?

  1. Chemtrals are a reality. If people think they are a hoax, they are sadly mistaken. Watch the emissions from aircraft in the skies; specifically from jets. The trail left behind doesn’t vanish quickly in many instances, does it? Now look at how the sky changes after this happens. It gets hazy and/or cloudy shortly after. The devistating floods in 2013 in Southern Alberta were caused by chemtrails. Your recent snowstorm may have been caused by chemtrails too. I get the reality that it has snowed in Alberta in every month of the year. However, the incidents of “severe” weather are increasing at a phenomenal rate to be a mere coincidence. What you are seeing in your photos are sundogs. Those happen in the winter too. They can happen during a hazy period or after it has rained. I have seen chemtrail activity over Edmonton too. I know it’s real. Yes, I have photos and videos of it too. There doesn’t have to be tic -tac – toe patterns either. Lingering emissions from jets is all there needs to be. Contrails vanish quickly. They contain water vapour for the most part. That’s why they don’t last. Chemtrails contain fine metallic particles, like alumminum, barium and strontium. That’s why they linger. They reflect the sun’s rays back up to the atmosphete. They also help generate precipitation. Cloud seeding has been done for many decades. Don’t kid yourself.

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