ET Commander Hatonn Describes Orgone Energy As Far More Important Than Anything Else Dealing With Light Or Frequency

ET Commander Hatonn Describes Orgone Energy As Far More Important Than Anything Else Dealing With Light Or Frequency

Hatonn: Orgone energy functions appear across the whole of Creation: in microbes, animals, storm clouds, hurricanes, and galaxies.  Orgone energy not only charges and animates the natural world; YOU ARE IMMERSED IN A SEA OF IT, much as a fish is immersed in water.

Wilhelm Reich was one of those scientists on the level of Tesla, who did experiments on orgone energy… and the making of orgonite, a substance that exists in the atmosphere and space… and well, it is a primary energy permeating the universe…  one can make orgonite and many are already well into the experimental phase of orgonite… the list is endless of what is to come… orgonite building material… beds…. orgonite technology to grow food with more cosmic energy….. orgonite musical instruments… orgonite can help to extend food from spoilage, and so much more… so if you are in a lull and seek to discover how you can tap into this primordial energy… and even perhaps make a new career… develop a new product… heal yourself… perhaps orgone energy and orgonite materials may be the next level.

The magic in orgonite is to bond a carbon source with a non carbon source…often people use a polymer and metal shavings… sometimes people make orgonite pyramids or other shapes to reduce EMF or to bring more lifeforce to an area... the finer the metal particles… the more power in the orgonite.

How to make orgonite pictures.

And now for Hatonns message… ciao for now! Indian in the machine


In the aforegoing writing I stated that Orgone Energy is far more important than anything else dealing with “Light” or “Frequency”  [this was a “little” hint near the end of the 11/10/94 #1 writing, on p. 64].  That always brings great inquiries especially when related to “LIGHT” subjects and certain personages involved in such theories and studies.  I focused on Wilhelm Reich as THE one who identified many of its basic properties.  I find I have to refresh most people on “what is Orgone Energy?”  I am not going into the subject here because I am focusing on Spiritual matters regarding Christ and TRUTH.  However, this will serve as a reminder to you scientific seekers as to the importance of Orgone Energy.

For you “inquiring minds” who don’t remember, or still don’t know what I am talking about, I will briefly explain what Orgone Energy “is”.

Orgone energy is COSMIC LIFE ENERGY, the fundamental creative force long known to people in touch with Nature, and speculated about by natural scientists, but now physically objectified and demonstrated.  Orgone energy charges and radiates from all living and non-living substance.  It also can readily penetrate ALL FORMS OF MATTER, though with varying rates of speed.  All materials affect orgone energy, by attracting and ABSORBING it, or by repelling or reflecting it.  This orgone energy can be SEEN, FELT, MEASURED AND PHOTOGRAPHED.  It is a real, physical energy and not just some metaphorical, hypothetical force.

This orgone energy also exists in a free form in the atmosphere and in the vacuum of space.  It is excitable, compressible, spontaneously pulsatile, and capable of expanding and contracting.  IT PRESENTS MOST PURELY AS A LIVING FORM.  The orgone energy charge within a given environment, or within a given substance, will vary over time, usually in a cyclical manner.  The orgone energy is most strongly attracted to LIVING THINGS, to water, and to self.  Orgone energy can lawfully stream or flow from one location to another in the atmosphere, but it generally maintains a west-to-east flow, moving with, but slightly faster than the rotation of the Earth.  [H: Check out some of Tesla’s later works and transmission towers!]  It is a ubiquitous medium, a cosmic ocean of dynamic, moving energy which interconnects the whole physical universe; all living creatures, weather systems, and planets respond to its pulsations and movements.

Orgone energy is related to, but quite different from,other forms of energy.  It can, for instance, IMPACT A MAGNETIC CHARGE TO FERROMAGNETIC CONDUCTORS, BUT IT IS NOT MAGNETIC ITSELF.  It can likewise impact an electrostatic charge to insulators, but neither is it fully electrostatic in nature.  It reacts with great disturbance to the presence of radioactive materials, or to harsh electromagnetism, much in the manner of irritated protoplasm.  It can be registered on specially adapted Geiger Counters.  The orgone also is the medium through which electromagnetic disturbances are transmitted, much in the manner of the older concept of aether, though it is not itself electromagnetic in nature.

Streamings of orgone energy within the Earth’s atmosphere affect changes in air circulation patterns; atmospheric orgone functions underlie the buildup of storm potentials and influence air temperature, pressure, and humidity.  Cosmic orgone energy functions also appear to be at work in space, affecting gravitational and solar phenomena.  Still, the mass-free orgone energy is not any one of these physico-mechanical factors, or even the sum of them.  The properties of the orgone energy derive more from life itself, much in the manner of the older concept of a vital force, or elan vtal; unlike those older concepts, however, the orgone also has been found to exist in a mass-free form, in the atmosphere and in space.  It is primary, primordial COSMIC LIFE ENERGYWHILE ALL OTHER FORMS OF ENERGY ARE SECONDARY IN NATURE.

In the living world, orgone energy functions underlie major life processes; pulsation, streaming, and charge of the biological orgone determines the movements, actions, and behavior of protoplasm and tissues, as well as the strength of “bioelectrical” phenomena.  Emotion is the ebb and flow, the charge and discharge of the orgone within the membrane of an organism, just as weather is the ebb and flow, the charge and discharge of the orgone in the atmosphere.  Both organism and weather respond to the prevailing character and state of the life energy.  Orgone energy functions appear across the whole of Creation: in microbes, animals, storm clouds, hurricanes, and galaxies.  Orgone energy not only charges and animates the natural world; YOU ARE IMMERSED IN A SEA OF IT, much as a fish is immersed in water.  More, it is the medium which communicates emotion and perception [TRY SOUL], through which you are connected to the COSMOS, and made kin to all that is living.

Yes, indeed, Gaia “stuff” is as near to a perfect reflection of the ABOVE as you can get without the final “keys” to the “kingdom”.  It is, further, why Dharma’s bottles keep burning up the tables!  This is NOT A SECRET–it is as prevailing as all the universe itself!

source with more HATONN: THE LIFE OF MASTER ESU ‘JESUS’ JMMANUEL – PART 2 (with comment by PHB)



Orgonite Crystal Firepit Attracts Sky Sylphs And Unusual Sky Energy 






2 thoughts on “ET Commander Hatonn Describes Orgone Energy As Far More Important Than Anything Else Dealing With Light Or Frequency

  1. Hey Hey Hey. I don’t know why nobody’s issuing this warning. Please bear with me here. You see, there really are people out there ( particularly in these last days ) that truely do have dark evil spirits instead of souls. These people are the sociopaths, psychopaths, and malignant narcissists of the world. There is truly no good in them. You see, in their past lives, they sold their souls to the darkside, the dark-mind ( which is really a universally vast “collective” ) has many false “personas.” One is Satan Lucas, one is Sanat Kamura, one is Sananda, etc,.. to sell your heart mind and soul to the sarkside, you must sign a contract in front of witnesses and using your blood. If you die without ever having done anything to cancel or nullify that contract, it becomes permanent! The universe and God will honor your wish under the “free will” clause. All of our good traits, attributes and qualities will be carefully removed, and dark evil traits, attributes, and qualitues will become you!!! When you reincarnate ( IF you get to do so! ), you will be simply evil.
    This is where orgonite can be very DANGEROUS! How? You see, orgonite will benifit a good 85% of the population at large. But it will NOT benefit a person who is 200% of the darkside!!! Orgonite can only enhance that which is THERE inside a given person. If there’s nothing “good” inside that person’s body, mind and spirit, the orgonite will only end up bringing out the WORST in them! Resultingly, orgonite terrifies their psyches, stirs their black evil souls, they get real “edgy”, and ultimately, they become dangerously ANGRY!!!
    Get on YouTube and type in… “Oskar Jungell orgonite” and you’ll quickly see how a psychopath ( and all around DIRT BAG ) reacts to a crudely made but effecive piece of orgonite!!! He looked at that thing, and like a fluffy little dog, it seemed to “growl” at him. He hated it, and it seemed to hate him! Oskar “the grouch” Jungell could barely stand the SIGHT of it!!! Orgonite CLEARLY has a VERY unpleasant effect on his psyche.
    Oskar Jungell is a picture perfect “poster boy” for psychopathy! He clearly has no soul!
    An agent of evil like Jungell will be effected by orgonite in several different ways: 1. It will awaken his dark and evil spirit to the ugly reality of it’s vile condition. 2. It will cause his or her negative karma to come back to him or her much quicker! 3. That’s where God’s judgement starts to make itself known, … and 4. Ultimately, the orgonite piece will remind him or her of the fact that he or she once had a chance and hope for salvation, but in contrast, he or she will be awakened to the past ( perhaps hundreds of years ago ) to the time when he or she had sold his or her soul!!! He or she will know and feel the eternal separation from God, life, and love. And it will rip the person apart COMPLETELY when he or she remembers what it was like to be able to feel love, empathy, sympathy, goodness, and common fellowship, because it will be in the face of the fact that he or she can NOT feel or experience those things, anymore. The person will also come to sense the “permanence” of his or her dreadful situation,…. that he or she is eternally “convicted”, … and that there is absolutely NO turning back! Needless to say, orgonite to a truly soul-less sociopath, psychopath or narcissist is like holy water is to an evil spirit or vampire!!! It’s only going to make their festering spiritual wounds smolder and burn!!! This will make their blood boil!!! This is why, when you “gift” a given neighborhood, the place usually gets cleaned up, the neighbors become more friendly, and most of the bad guys mellow out a good bit while the worst of the worst get pissed off, pack up their bags, and move out!!!Does this make orgonite “dangerous?” YOU DAMN WELL BETTER BELIEVE IT DOES! Some total demon possessed psychopath could turn and KILL you because your orgonite pendant “upset” them!!! Does that happen very often? No, but it has happened before.
    So if you were thinking about using orgonite to try and transform some sociopath, psychopath, or malignant narcissist, you’ re wasting your time if the person has an evil spirit instead of a soul, and what’s more, things could get real dangerous real quick!!!

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