Update! Egypt Loses 50% Of Power… Halts Subways… TV Stations Off Air

Update! Egypt Loses 50% Of Power… Halts Subways… TV Stations Off Air

There are lots of reasons swirling around why Egypt lost 50% of it’s power generation…instantly, Egypt got temporarily knocked halfway to the stone age…

While there is reasonable possibility that connections can be made with elevated sun activity, including a big CME heading our way… an update from BP earthwatch says we are in elevated proton and electron flux from a massive CME that has yet to directly hit. It possible that earth still feels the proton and electron flux that preceeds direct hits?  We may be hours away from the direct hit of a very large burst of energized particles from the sun… and may see glitches in electrical systems forthcoming.

Indian in the machine



Massive power outage in Egypt halts subway, knocks TV stations off air

Waterloo Region Record

By Maggie Michael

CAIRO — Egypt suffered a massive power outage that halted parts of the Cairo subway, took TV stations off the air and ground much of the country to a halt for several hours Thursday, as officials offered no clear explanation for how the country suddenly lost 50 per cent of its power generation.

The blackout comes barely three months after Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, a former army chief, was elected president on promises to restore order after three years of turmoil following the 2011 uprising that toppled long-ruling autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

The government’s inability to pay for enough imported fuel, debts to foreign oil companies, and old and poorly maintained equipment have all contributed to a months-long power crisis in which rolling blackouts have plunged entire neighbourhoods into darkness for several hours a day.

The government had recently promised to end the blackouts by the end of the year, partially blaming the outages on saboteurs. Over the past week there had been a noticeable reduction in the power cuts, coinciding with slightly cooler temperatures after a scorching August.

But the mass outage on Friday was far more severe and wide-ranging than any of the previous cuts.

Egypt’s Electricity Minister Mohammed Shaker described Thursday’s blackout as a rare event caused by a technical failure which occurs every 15 years and said authorities hoped to restore power within hours. Earlier, officials claimed that the outage was a result of an experiment in redistributing electricity, saying a technical failure during the “manoeuvre” caused the blackout.”




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