1. What is the sum of your aware property? Do you use that?

    I have much of failing – I am not perfect but always wish.
    I have much of authority – I am hard standing for something because of a deep inner firm conviction.
    Ich have much of will and ego – I have a dictinct instinct of self preservation.
    I have much of proud – I love myself more as other things, I am a generous to give.
    I have much of knowlegde – I am an all-rounder, who knows that nothing is for shure and nobody knows
    I have much of integrity – I living in the moment, say and make things in the knowing of current state of awareness
    I have much of abjection – most for myself.
    I have much of love – for the natur and all what is natural, I am faithful in subservience
    I have much of hate – I hate my self for beeing cowardly but I am gentle and reluctant, I hate spotlight because I am wild and very awe.

    … for this list I could write some more points.

    This is my own aware property and I use this.

    One thing I know for shure: Who is doing all to have nothing, have and get nothing – no courage, no power, no wisdom, no mighty.

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