Nibiru-Related MegaLink September 2014 Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Supercharged Sun/Asteroids


Nibiru-Related MegaLink September 2014 Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Supercharged Sun/Asteroids

Indian in the machine

This research below may prove to be very helpful in the coming days (it is a shortlist)… do not discount it…. do not click away, hoping the next distraction will make everything okay again… this could be it… these could be the days leading up the greatest changes… already the weather is telling us a story… earth sings us her song… the sun knows each of us by name, and sends us messages…   perhaps Nibiru is just a story to you, and that is fine… perhaps there is another story of what is taking place…. of what accounts for the increase in volcanoes… extremely high level worldwide earthquakes… bends in our magnetosphere… the barrage of asteroids heading our way…. the supercharging of our sun…the sinkholes… I’d sure like to hear a better explanation than Nibiru… don’t forget that your explanation may include a reason for the two sun videos appearing worldwide, including this rather interesting video of two sunrises in the Antarctic….

Is This How Nibiru Will Appear? Watch Amazing Two Sun Sunrise (Davis Station) Antarctic August 30-31

Research… start here:

Nibiru ‘Season’ Update 2014, AnAnnUki Say They Will Pass By Earth, But Will Not Land On Our Planet

And go from there…

Earth in Meteor Storm-Unknown Origin! “10X Normal Amount In Average Night”

BP Earthwatch: Large Earth Facing CME Will Arrive Friday Sept 5th At Midnight +/-7 Hours (EST)

Summary: World Volcanoes Now Coming Alive Spewing Ash And Causing Earthquakes… Why Now??? 

Is This How Nibiru Will Appear? Watch Amazing Two Sun Sunrise (Davis Station) Antarctic August 30-31

“Bigtime Quakewatch” Coronal Mass Ejection From The Sun In 3D + “Money Shot” Giant Earth Facing Solar Blast

Lava Gushes From Iceland Volcano, And Now “Throat Of Fire” Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador: Increased activity

Get Ready! Crop Circles Now Depicting Magnetic Disturbance Of Nibiru / Planet X

Zetatalk Says 2004-2014 Crop Circles Demonstrate Magnetic Pull of Planet X/ Nibiru

Aug 30th “The Event” Crop Circle Supports “Earth Is Entering Possible Magnetic Disturbance And/Or Debris Trail/DNA Recalibration/New Lifeforms” Theories

Aug. 25 Earthquake Watch Continues, Now Strange Magnetic Earth And Sun Anomalies! “Whatever Is Affecting The Sun Is Supercharging It”

9 Points That Suggest San Andreas And Other Faultlines May Be Highly Unstable

Nibiru Approaching? Thousands Of Intense Earthquakes Rock Iceland

Breaking News! Dozens of New Asteroids Heading This Way!

Another Hint (From “The Group”) That Nibiru Is Coming For A Pass By, Later THIS Year


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