“One Who Serves” Hints September 9th As Possible Timeline For New Financial System

“One Who Serves” Hints September 9th As Possible Timeline For New Financial System

“All is in readiness. All are gearing up for this grand changeover that is coming. We do not give dates but we must emphasize one particular time frame here. We are moving into the fall, into your September. It has been given that the Chinese, the Elders, focus on certain time frames. The first of the first, the second of the second month, the third of the third month and so on. And what are we approaching now? The ninth of the ninth month. This is a very significant moment of time that these Elders look upon. And if you are not aware, the Elders are the ones who are controlling the financial changeover here. So look for it in this time frame, even before or shortly after. And you will see those changes that have been spoken of many times.”

Read the rest… it’s a good message! http://lightworkers.org/channeling/204143/now-time-peace-and-forgiveness-lady-nada-sanat-kumara-and-one-who-serves

IITM:  Well… the excitement builds… we know a new financial system is a mathematical certainty… what we don’t know is the exact timing… the reason we do not know, is because collectively, we haven’t created the moment yet… there have been many people who say, ‘that will never happen’… and have delayed progress for all of us… still we march ever onward to our vision, which is peace and abudance for all.

I am intrigued that this September 9th date is associated with possible Nesara/Gesara announcement prediction… but I’m not privy to how anyone came up with this date.



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