Outside The Matrix———->

  • Outside The Matrix———-> The matrix is now coming down by the hearts and hands of all who desire a new way that is comfortable, equitable and abundant for all creatures.  The story of earth has taken an unexpected twist…the reptilians are gone now… the serpents are unraveling… the noose is now releasing it’s knot by our desire to be free… each being may truly walk free now… all that is left in the twist knot is the unraveling of illusions… think of all the times you allowed another being to have authority over you… that is the clearing work now, untying of the knot for good this time… fingers nimble… outside the prison of self limitation, awaits a new sky… with new colours… and new forms of technology… walk outside the prison gates, realizing that it was all a story that we convinced each other, is real… and we made it real… we made that prison real… we limited each other so that we could feel a false sense of comfort that was grounded in ego… Outside the matrix prison, we have nothing from this perspective but compassion for those who still feel that the prison is real…they still feel the matrix of fearfully controlling another being is the preferable way to God.  Outside the prison matrix standing in a pristine environment, we are stronger having gone through the experience, and wiser…what we now have more of, is the love of the survivor, and the thriver… outside the matrix prison, every being, and living creature across all multiverses, is our cherished friend and family… we realize that all along, we have been completely surrounded by love.  We realize the matrix was not real even if we thought it was, and even though we sought out entertainment that taught us how to think and how to feel, and how to close off to our hearts, so that the matrix could take full hold over our lives.  And now the last place the matrix tells us where to look for power is heart… heart is the yellow brick road to the gold within… feel the riches that await any man or women who can live polishing the inner gold… encourage it in self, and with others… and a rich overflow of abundance for everybody…. may those still in need, be graced by your hand between the prison bars.  


One Major Key To Health: Mother Earth Has A Negative Charge And So Do We

Indian in the machine


3 thoughts on “Outside The Matrix———->

  1. Yes, we’re free, free to create, free to step up into our field of dreams…..if only those bill collectors and student loan agents would go away…reptilians may be gone, but the banks still want their money, no?

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