I Am (Going Beyond Space And Time)

Dedicated to all galactics, starseeds, indigos… crystals… seekers…

I AM is featured on the main page of the newly updated: http://www.indianinthemachine.com

I Am (Going Beyond Space And Time)… the full version is available on Soul Art along with 8 other tracks, at Bandcamp, for $4.44 or more. ūüôā



2 thoughts on “I Am (Going Beyond Space And Time)

  1. I can understand why you don’t eat animals.

    Could you understand why I do?
    I sharing the same doom. Sometimes I think they have it much better. They only live because we eat them. But they have a life – how this is made by us is a different question. To live and fully aware of to be eaten alive – to be buried alive – is much harder.

  2. When you should know of founding a true treasure? Simple if you can’t add something or take back to make it better.
    Then you have to save this treasure, share and give free.
    Take this for yourself and you will broke it until it is going lost.

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