Solar Flares React With Earth’s Inner Sun To Create Aurora Borealis And Aurora Australis?

Solar Flares React With Earth’s Inner Sun To Create Aurora Borealis And Aurora Australis?

Looking at that first video above, which may be a simulation video of sorts, and the second video that may come from earth orbit, we also have many channeled messages that say over and over, that there are those who live in ‘inner earth’ in the crust… and there is a hollow earth with a sun, with another civilization.

If there is an inner sun, then it would make sense that that sun would have an obvious relationship with our solar system sun… perhaps that obvious relationship has been there all along, with the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis… if you have ever witnessed these lights, then perhaps you may have perceived a higher consciousness, almost like a giant sky artist, that is painting the sky with messages of soul delight. We know that northern lights come out during high solar flare actvity… perhaps we can imagine the inner sun being supercharged during solar flare activity.

The hollow earth will be a place of safety during the major earth shifts on our surface… perhaps you, who are reading this message, may be going to hollow earth some day, when the earthquakes on the surface, become too extreme for most human life to survive.

Is it possible that all planets are hollow? Yup, more likely, than not.

There are some useful messages from Hollow earth here:


Indian in the machine





One thought on “Solar Flares React With Earth’s Inner Sun To Create Aurora Borealis And Aurora Australis?

  1. Although the AB’s are a beautiful sight to see, they are nature’s way of warning of earthquakes, some significant ….activity. AB’s with CME solar flares and geomagnetic storms, plus add in some lunar activity equals recipe for impending bad quakes.

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