Canada PM Harper: ‘But There Are So Many Aboriginal Women That Aren’t Missing’

Harper: ‘But there are so many aboriginal women that aren’t missing’

Canada PM Harper: ‘But There Are So Many Aboriginal Women That Aren’t Missing’

OTTAWA – Addressing concerns over comments made earlier this week regarding the death of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine, Harper told reporters yesterday that, while aboriginal women are 3.5 times more likely to experience violence than non-aboriginal women, they are “clearly and empirically outnumbered by aboriginal women that aren’t missing or murdered.”

“Sure, they have nicknamed Highway 16 in BC ‘The Highway of Tears’ due to the number of aboriginal women who have gone missing there,” Harper said. “Having said that, I think the public needs to understand that not all Native women are missing or murdered, and there are many other highways not named after this non-issue.”



Humanity Must Attract Heartful Leadership To Completely Resolve Concerns

When leadership becomes highly programmed, that there is no access to heart, here is little empathy for anyone’s life… no plant, no animal, no human.  Our lesson here, is to support the true leaders that exist all around us that are beacons for heart, for without heart, we will continue to not care about anyone’s life.  Without heart, we will be powerless to solve any issues, similar to Harper.  Remember… leadership is meant to serve the people, not that the people serve the leaders… with heart this will become clearer and clearer. Keep open in your heart, infinite space for a new wave of global governance that serves the world, rather than the few.

Indian in the machine


3 thoughts on “Canada PM Harper: ‘But There Are So Many Aboriginal Women That Aren’t Missing’

  1. WoW….i cannot believe he thought these were acceptable statements! His statements are akin to saying: sure, lots of people lost their lives on 9/11….but there are still many many office buildings standing with lots of people who work in them everyday.
    what an idiot!

  2. Harper and his Reform-a-Tories have been the Canadian answer to the T-party, before there even WAS a T-party, ignore him and he will soon go away…. or rather he will be voted away!

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