Father God Of This Galaxy On DNA Recalibration From Benevolent Electromagnetic Forces From Source

“You cannot be given your new abilities without a bit of dismantling of the old systems within your bodies.  Try to enjoy the ride, knowing it is taking you to a glorious new configuration, and increased abilities in every facet of your being.” – Father God

When one takes these words from Father God (reposted below) into context of the high activity from the sun we are experiencing right now… we can imagine a surge of energy from Source of all Universes… connecting to the source within all other systems, including our sun, and even you and me. This process may be uncomfortable but not necessarily if you are able to harmonize your energies with what is around us… that is our challenge:  To now harmonize with our Source of all Universes:

There is scientific proof of Father God’s words of a DNA shift:

Humanity Is Mutating Due To Photon Belt: Four Strand DNA in Human Cells

Massive Aug 24th Solar Flare And CME: “This Is Gonna Cause Earthquakes”

Aug. 25 Earthquake Watch Continues, Now Strange Magnetic Earth And Sun Anomalies! “Whatever Is Affecting The Sun Is Supercharging It”

What is happening is the ascension of humanity… and our lives are a mix of detoxing out the old energies, and recalibrating with the new energies.  This reception of new energies aided by the decrease of our earth’s magnetosphere, will continue until all DNA is fully activated (as time dissolves even)… a whole new range of human abilities and presence awaits us, by the creation of our own hands, and by our ability to recalibrate to the higher frequencies, which is lessening our focus on 3D energies, and refocusing our energies in 5D.  Another huge challenge right now is to not focus on the 3D energies of the mass media, which can keep a soul in bondage to lower frequencies, which are not really ‘home’…. competition, fear, humanism, our current corrupt economic system… watch it all dissolve before our eyes in the days to come.

If your life has become extremely intense… this phase is a learning experience that shall pass, as we open up to the Source… and embrace a new wave of economic prosperity across the globe, as the earth quakes under our feet, and as our DNA activates from 2 stands, to 12 strands of crystalline DNA.

Right now to facilitate the process you can say with heart feeling: “I call in my Higher self… and I harmonize with Source”.

Indian in the machine


Ra:  Daily Messages for Your Ascension
Ra (Father God):

When dreams come true, what do you do?  Many of you have hoped and wished and waited, and you begin to believe that what you hoped for might not really ever come, but still you keep wishing.  It is a good quality really, to be able to continue to hope in the face of many delays and disappointments.  It is one of the lovable qualities of humankind, which is experienced as Faith in higher powers or a belief in benevolent guides and helpers, or just a general optimistic life view, in spite of difficulties.  This is the attitude you need to develop in order to move into a more powerful ability to manifest what you wish for.

You are being recalibrated, as you have been told, as the energy waves do their work on your physical bodies to bring about the promised changes.  Ride the waves, Dearest Ones, and you will soon find yourselves on distant shores, awed by the beauty and excitement of what is in store for you.  You have worked hard here in the darkness and ignorance behind the Veil which has separated us for so long.  It is an admirable thing to continue even when you have only the vaguest sense of where you are going or why you are here.

Yes, you will begin to remember more, feel more, understand more of what this mission is that you embarked on so long ago.  In addition to the monetary blessings you will receive, there will be much more for you to enjoy.  You can feel the growing cooperation between nations, even though some of the recent agreements require combining forces to defeat troublemakers in various parts of the world.  This time it will not result in expanding conflict, but will push back the aggressors until they become aware that their cause is destined to fail, and the individuals who have been enlisted by the dark begin to lose interest in conflict and destruction.  The new prosperity will quell anger on many fronts, and will allow those who have been fighting to return to their families.  Love will blossom where resentment and rage prevailed.

It does sound impossible to you now, doesn’t it?  But it will be more apparent as your DNA changes bring greater empathy and diminished aggressiveness.  It is part of the plan, that humankind evolve in this direction, as the forces of darkness are finally defeated.  It is the single most profound change which will alter the course of events on Planet Earth.  Another wave of energy from Source is coming through now.  You will feel the sensations of being a bit disoriented, unhinged, unbalanced, as the benevolent electromagnetic forces act upon your physical structure.  You are not ill; the discomfort will be temporary.  You cannot be given your new abilities without a bit of dismantling of the old systems within your bodies.  Try to enjoy the ride, knowing it is taking you to a glorious new configuration, and increased abilities in every facet of your being.

I will suggest to you each day a brief meditation which you can do together.  This will help you to tune up your ability to immerse yourself in the group consciousness you are building, and it will give you the chance to help us in the most crucial projects we are working on right now.  Yes, the RV is important, but it is secondary to the Consciousness Project for humanity.  The new prosperity will only be truly effective in bringing real change if it comes to those who are fully awake and in the Light.

I have asked our dear channel to resume these messages on a daily basis so that we can stay in constant contact with you and help you to become accustomed to feeling our presence at all times.  We have observed that this helps you to maintain your high level of focus and elevated vibration.  You are beginning to acclimate to the new way of feeling and thinking which includes the ability to be in two places at once: here in your body, moving through your day, and simultaneously in the higher dimension in complete communication with your Higher Self.  This is the present goal, although not the final one.  It is the stepping stone which we wish to help you accomplish now on the way to your coming Ascension.

We have given you many tools – enough to keep you busy every minute of the day, if you read all our messages, Kathryn’s book, which may require several readings, and the Visual Centering practice.  Dive in, Dear Ones, it is time for you to raise your expectations for yourselves.  Dismiss all nay-sayers with a smile, no matter how close to you they may be, and concentrate on your own development.  This is the time you have come here to experience.  Shake off the lethargy and negativity which is a residue of the thousands of years of mind control; turn away from the darkness and move forward with courage and determination, with our firm support, into Love and Light.

It is only when you can let go of your obsession with watching, examining, studying and fearing the darkness that you will realize how illusory it really is.  Remember, Dear Ones, the important saying:  “What you oppose, you strengthen.”  In your hours of quiet meditation, turn away from any thoughts of darkness and pain.  You will do what is necessary to create alternatives to darkness in your active hours, but even then, without any awe or fear of the dark, do it with an eye to the creation of Goodness, Prosperity and Love for all.  Only in this way will we change the world into the Paradise on Earth which has been prophesied for thousands of years.

I love you without pause, without end, and with great Joy.
I am your Ra, the one you have known by many names in many cultures.  I am your messenger from Creator; I AM Love, I AM Light, and I AM God.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 27, 2014, 11 AM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, http://www.whoneedslight.org.  Translations must be approved by the author and the scribe.

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