Message: Sorry Indian… Things Are Not Getting Better On Our Planet

Message: Sorry Indian… Things Are Not Getting Better On Our Planet

IITM: Remember… the peace we are feeling right now, is not making the evening news. The mainstream news never reports on ‘heart’. Do not measure the progress of humanity or self, by the mainstream news. Connect with heart first, then you are able to measure the progress of humanity and self.


10 thoughts on “Message: Sorry Indian… Things Are Not Getting Better On Our Planet

  1. Definition of meaninglessness would being breaking universal laws and forcing upon the unknowing and not in agreement masses a not requested for healing. No one wants to wake up with a spiritual in line of something akin to chemo running through the system, NO THANK YOU.
    One can run all the energetic test one wants, but if your energetic meter was never calibrated in the first place, you’re going to be off from the get go!
    But fine carry on, just keep it to yourself, please.
    Karma works in all kinds of ways my dear and you need to take better care of yourself.
    p.s Paris is NOT going to look act or be anything like 5d in the next 18 months. 😦

    And yeah D, checked with the ticker, the gods, lords, archangels etc etc are having themselves a harvest on this planet it’s sheer insanity out there. 😦
    You play with fire and….

    Sorry Jesus, Mary, Sandana, Mohammed etcetera,
    so glad to not have a vested interest in this round.

    Tic Toc Tic Toc
    Who owns my heart?
    I do.
    Have a great day you special people!
    And the beat goes on 😀

    1. What I desire for you…. I desire for ALL.
      It lies herein….
      The Peace of God which passes all understanding be with you today, tomorrow and all your tomorrows.

      1. What you desire for me and ALL, is that some “gods” will be upon us…… And mess up our understanding now and until our future lives …….
        100 fold back to you and yours.

      2. When your body fails you, when your heart resides in despair, when your loved one leaves you, when your mind gradually slips away, when your employer replaces you and your wisdom with young and cheaper, when your youth and vitality is replaced with weaker … May the Peace of God which passes all understanding, be with you today, tomorrow and all your tomorrows.

  2. Sometimes you fulfill the real wish of others when you do all for not fulfilling expectations. In good times as well as in bad times.

  3. Things ARE getting better:
    1) there are now 25 new healers on the planet, that I trained this past Friday and Saturday.
    2) There are a group of Galactic Family hanging around with my family, enjoying and exchanging heart songs.
    3) Some of my clients have agreed to take on higher spiritual responsibilities for God, on behalf of all Creation.
    4) People are discovering and agreeing to their NEW spiritual names, bestowed upon them by God.
    5) Many of the cities on planet Earth are now in the 5th dimension. Including: Chicago, St. Louis, Miami, San Francisco, Denver, Tokyo, Paris, London, St. Petersburg, Moscow. Now the creatures need to finish catching up their own ascensions.
    6) Today, 100 Billion Galactic Family members released their fear of humanity.
    7) Today, all of humanity had directed healing specifically addressing: MEANINGLESSNESS.

    Pfft… whoever said such a statement, that “things are not getting better” has not paused to take a look. They also have not chosen to stand in obedience to God. Getting better? Oh yes! LOL

      1. And full of more glittery fairy dust then a unicorn fart….. Well those “beings” sure can make lightworkers feel good, so good they can not see how delusional they have become.

      2. I find the ‘dust’ rather tasty. 🙂 lol
        I energetically test 100% of everything. Have no interest in shoving ‘dust’ up into anyone’s face. Confirmation and examination is done in everything I do and read. Besides, out of the list I made above, line item 2 is the only ‘dust’ category remotely associated with your remark. Everything else listed is healing. Everyone deserves healing. Everyone.

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