If You Are Sananda’s Boots On The Ground… Read This!

If You Are Sananda’s Boots On The Ground… Read This!

“You, our dear Boots on the Ground, have been feeling the pinch of living without because of your hard work over the past few years. Many of you have given up profitable jobs to dedicate more time to your healing work, and you have spent many hours every week involving yourselves in supporting and communicating with others to help raise the vibration around you. I encourage you to remember that this work came from the deepest and truest place in your heart, because this is who you really are.

Do not abandon that vision, even for a moment, when the flood of money comes into your open hands.”  – Sananda


IITM:  Wow! It’s gonna be fun spending that money on projects that are dear to the heart.  It’s also fun to see that spiritual work DOES pay after all hehe… gone are the days where those doing spiritual service to others who were able to break free from the all-encompassing world slavery system,  are working for less than minimum wage… now are days, that are moments away from a big reversal in how we play the worldwide financial game.  Probably those who are going to seek to steal and rob, will be removed to a holograph  environment, and won’t even be in the picture, for never again will humanity develop a system that allowed the dark few, to rule over the Lighted many.


2 thoughts on “If You Are Sananda’s Boots On The Ground… Read This!

  1. Thank-you for this – it speaks directly to me, hanging by a thread, but unable to make choices other than those directed by my heart and soul at this time. I hope the day when money is unpolluted/controlled by the “powers that be” will come very soon, as one cannot live in this world without it!!!! much love, e

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