Aug. 25 Earthquake Watch Continues, Now Strange Magnetic Earth And Sun Anomalies! “Whatever Is Affecting The Sun Is Supercharging It”

Aug. 25 Earthquake Watch Continues, Now Strange Magnetic Earth And Sun Anomalies! “Whatever Is Affecting The Sun Is Supercharging It” Asteroids Heading Our Way

Wow!  It is challenging to put the pieces together… but in the overall picture, everything is connected… especially challenging is the fact that our earth grid has jumped a timeline recently, by which a grand new reality of the Golden Age is now being created by each of us right now, as we envision full harmony and peace with all beings, rather than the old Armageddon scenario, that no longer is in our timeline, or any timeline near us.

So if you check out the video above, there is some unusual magnetic anomalies going on… this may be related to solar activity… or perhaps other disturbances in the solar wind… I wonder what that may be??? Hmmmm?

It is notable that it could be connected to whatever caused those tropical storms, and recent worldwide earthquake activity, AND volcanic activity, AND recent melting of Greenland, AND the rumbling of Yellowstone… AND  AND and, AND…!  A barrage of asteroids are heading in our direction. Breaking News! Dozens of New Asteroids Heading This Way! What is causing it?

If there is a connected cause to all of this and more, it could be a combination of:

1. Our solar system is entering deeper into the photon belt.

2. Solar activity… our sun gets it’s refueling from galactic centre, perhaps something big is happening there too.

  1. Origin of Colossal Bubbles Above and Below the Milky Way 

    The Daily Galaxy (blog)-Aug 1, 2014Share
    “What would be very interesting would be to get a better view of them closer to the galactic center,” she said, “but the galactic gamma ray …

3. Nibiru heading out of our solar system.

Black Star update from July 10th

4. Mother earth needing to cleanse, and can move her ever-decreasing magnetosphere around.

5. Another cause?

Inter-galactic Mystery Baffles Astronomer

6.  Manmade technology.

7. UFOs around the sun that have been seen around the sun for years.

We can connect our peace with the ley lines of mother earth, to greatly reduce the intensity of all earthquakes and changes to come.

Magical Flute Ley Line Meditation


Prepare For Possible Brief Period Of Survival

I shall share with you a wonderful message that hints at something big happening right now (below, from Spirit Eagle, Relay Relay Relay)… other messages suggest that we prepare for a period of survival… and we also mix that in with our spirit of thrival… so don’t fret if the old crumbles before your feet… feel mother earth cleansing… and feel your spirit joining with all spirits… as we are in our final testing… to see if we are willing to connect 24/7 with love.  It is something perhaps new for the majority… this is the path of the brave spirit, that is also the spirit of our Higher self.  The best we can do is to connect with our Higher self 24/7, and to create from that higher perspective. ;)  We can create where panic and fear no longer appear to be the solution.

Indian in the machine

Other Relay Relay Relay messages Via Spirit Eagle

Image from I thought i’d share some sky pix people have sent me recently.
Redmond, WA: chemtrail broken up into sylph clouds.

Relay Relay Relay The Elementals Via Spirit Eagle: This is your time for Speaking UpTaking ActionLiving Unselfishly, and Defending the Helpless

We are the Elementals of your world. We are your Sisters and Brothers. Our Mother is the same. Earth Mother nurtures and sustains all of us.
This is a time when we must give our all to Our Mother, the Earth. She and All of Life upon Her are in need of gentle care and love. The destructive Weapons that humankind is unleashing are taking a toll on the health of everything on the Planet.
We ask that you re-Connect with the Earth. Go into a Park or into the Woods, or into a Forest. Go to the Beach or a Lake or a Pond. Take off your shoes and Feel the Love and Care that is emanating from the bosom of your Earth Mother. Love Her! Take Care of her with the Harmony of your thoughts. This will heal you and Her!
We, the Elementals give loving Service to the Mother. We ask that you also do the same!
The Gentleness of Love will counteract the Greed-induced destruction that is placing a great imbalance within and upon the Earth Mother. This affects All of You! You are a Living Part of Her! You cannot Harm her without harming yourselves!
You Must Speak for Her! Be Willing to Accept the inconveniences that you will have in order to protect her and yourselves, as well as All Life On Earth. This is your Hour of Testing. Have you Learned that you are All Truly One People and One With All Of Life? Or are you determined to remain in your infancy as an unevolved people? We, and the Galactic Federation of Light Cannot do it All for you!
Lifestyle change is coming. It can be a great learning or an imposed difficulty. Your Integrity is needed Now! The Changes that are happening are about more than just money. The changes are about Who You Are as a People, What you Value. Who or What you Serve, and What you Love. Go into your core, Bring Fourth from the Deepest, Strongest part of you your commitment to Be Only Love, a Beacon of Light, and a Core of Compassion for your Soul’s growth and for Humanities’ betterment. Open Your Eyes to the Suffering of All Beings on the Earth Mother. If you don’t want to look, then you don’t want to Feel. Feeling is what has been closed down in your societies. Without Compassion there is no Love, without Love, there can be no Paradise. Be Willing to Feel the Pain of All Beings and you will be able to heal Yourselves and All of
Life upon the Earth Mother. Compassion will give you the courage to defend the helpless and to Be the Rainbow Warriors that you came here to Be! This is about much more than money and “things coming to you.” This Time is about Becoming Real Human Beings who serve only the Light. This is your time for Courage and Compassion for all Beings SufferingNow! This is your time for Speaking UpTaking ActionLiving Unselfishly, and Defending the Helpless. You are All Needed Now, not for the coins in your pockets, but for your Moral Courage and Will to succeed in being a Light in this world at this time.
Your Home, the Earth needs you more than ever, not your preoccupation with Funds, Cash, Revaluation; but your Integrity, Compassion, Courage, and your Love and ACTIONS! We, the Elementals work with you and ask that you keep your hearts Open to All of Life upon your Earth Mother. Be Courageous Now and Bold. Most of All, feel Compassion and defend those Beings that cannot speak for themselves, you are their Guardians.
We will speak again.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle
August 24, 2014  10:34 PM


9 Points That Suggest San Andreas And Other Faultlines May Be Highly Unstable  
To Alternative on Sunday Aug 24 2014 11:29

Thor News: “The weather might get really weird”   
To Alternative on Sunday Aug 24 2014 09:06

Humanity Is Mutating Due To Photon Belt: Four Strand DNA in Human Cells  
To Alternative on Saturday Aug 23 2014 13:30

Supreme ET Commander Sananda On The Invasion Of The Angels  
To Alternative on Friday Aug 22 2014 12:34

Galactic Federation Of Light Comment On Our Last Days In This Dimension


3 thoughts on “Aug. 25 Earthquake Watch Continues, Now Strange Magnetic Earth And Sun Anomalies! “Whatever Is Affecting The Sun Is Supercharging It”

  1. If you give nothing and not be able to take something for yourself to giving back than what is your worth for society as a whole? Think about that.

    This is not an external judgement. It is a function of self audit. Form follows function.

  2. The best what I prefer what is to coming is to communicate. With whom? Surprisingly with you and other people. 😉

    Communication is an art of translation. I try to describe some details as clear as I am able to.
    Within modern times our brain have to handle with many given information. For doing this within the old way of thinking shortcuts builded. The most of us joining shortcuts which are categhories (container-names: fear, war, freedom, light, working time, spare time, control, influence).
    Within any container many informations saved. Saved randomly by not doing further interpretation (black box).

    I terms of doing a good qualified self-audit:
    A container or containername holds no counting – only the subcontent could be weighted, give more qualified results.

    Make the mach:
    If you communicate by using umbrella terms first you make shure that nobody can understand you. The other interpreter have to spekulate, have to weight your information with history and expectations because no clear information given.
    If you get and save informations in that way of easy (so to say ever take the first bus – the shortcut) in real you get no further information – only supporting the black boxes. Results are and showing your ‘state of the art’.
    If you wonder yourself why you feeling allone and not beeing understooden, then may be this is the problem.

    To make a communication which is worth this name first you need the will. It costs you much initial energy (disciplin) to doing this. Merge containers for learnig sequence (working time and spare time is one, control and influence is one), split containers with to much content, do the subinterpretion … learning to speak, see, hear, feel more clear. — until it is more intuitiv to do so, an given automatic you could trust in.

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