Thor News: “The weather might get really weird”

Thor News: “The weather might get really weird”

Wild Weather: 4 Major Storms – Marie – Lowell – Karina – Cristobal

Published on Aug 24, 2014 We’ve got major storms whipping up all along the Pacific from South America to California and in the Atlantic storms barrel over the Caribbean with a chance of an East Coast impact. 


 IITM:   I have nothing to add here except that I hope earthlings get up to date, on the photon belt because if the sun is affecting earth, then something is affecting the sun… it is the photon belt.  With the photon belt, are not just waves of earthquakes or weather shifts… it means wave of shifting on all levels… it might feel like life is turning upside down… and perhaps it is… but for the better… for the greater good for all.  These are our final days in 3D… watch for everything to change as our planet heads into even higher 5D energies.


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