Feeling Heavy In Life?: Attracting Higher Self Connections In An Environment Of Duality

Feeling Heavy In Life?:  Attracting Higher Self Connections In An Environment Of Duality

We’re talking about moving energy here…. creating space for a deeper connection with all that we are and all that is around us…

1. Physically speaking you may not be exercising enough… I want to suggest at this point, the exercise is not for your muscles but rather it is for your organs and glands…. move them… they are designed to operate with the movement of your body.  A few pushups or jumping jacks gets the blood, organs, and glands moving.

2. Drink water before and after bedtime… add lemon, even better.

3. Connect with Higher Self, in meditation…. and whenever you feel uncomfortable for the Higher Self, knows no discomfort… “higher self please connect with me”, will suffice.

4. Get clearer with yourself, to get clearer with others, to clear up all your relations.

5. Make a ‘joy list’… then make it reality.

6. Purify yourself as much as possible… since love is more important than anything, we can assume love is more powerful than any chemical in any food…. bless your food!

7. Lose your ‘disaster’ mentality… adopt a ‘create paradise’ mentality.

8. Lose the value system that says any distraction is more powerful than your dreams. Focus on dreams in a conscious way.

9. Connect your desires and dreams with your spirit guides… talk to them, for they do exist.

10. Stand with your legs apart and arms outstretched…. feel a deep expansion of love, as you extend your true nature of love, outwards and feel renewed and replenished.

11.  Become aware and involved in your personal ascension, and the ascension of humanity.

12.  Food is one of your most important investments… remember how worth it you are.

13.  Have some playtime… in whatever form appeals to your heart.

14.  Do not take things personally…. even if someone is trying to make it personal.  The Higher self knows no grudges so when you are connected with HS, it is easier than it sounds.



Face it… western culture has become joyless… has it always been that way? 

We can create from a deep place within us, that is us… we cannot create from a superficial place, that isn’t within us any longer, for we have gained wisdom.  Life is about authentically running, crawling, or flying towards one’s self… it is a journey that begins beyond the five senses… and then the joy and love of being, freely expresses itself back in a series of endless exchanges in the spiritual and physical… our society distracts us with everything that is not us, and so the journey seems difficult and endless… the truth is though, that the shorted journey you will ever go on, is  to connect with Higher self... when we are in that state of being 24/7, then we are in a state of perpetual fulfillment, and oh, the new powers, that shall return when this happens and the technologies that shall already be abound, will provide a truly appropriate playground for all learned souls. Seek out anything that assists you to keep your connection with Higher self… have a conscious loving energy exchange.  Avoid that which disconnects you to Higher self… and still, add conscious loving energy exchange.  Many who have chosen a work that brings no fulfillment, will benefit from coming into true self, for we are all born to be wise.  The pursuit of happiness, is replaced with the giving of joy.  To be clearer on what is transpiring… we are each going through a great clearing on the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental bodies… at the same time we are dealing with great earth changes, that will not result in armageddon for we passed that timeline.  At the same time, much media and the general culture at large, seeks to have final control over people in these final days in 3D.  To be blunt, are the trinkets, the glamour, and all distractions and addictions of the physical world, really bringing joy???? What is all the trillions of dollars of propaganda used for? To convince you that you don’t have a soul, and that life isn’t eternal, and that we are all alone in the universe.  We do have souls/Higher self and we can completely activate and purify all energy fields… desire is the engine…. and spirit is the roadway… Higher self is the driver…. the fuelline funnels everthing through a christ conscious heart.  We do not find joy, we become joy for that is what the Higher self is.

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One thought on “Feeling Heavy In Life?: Attracting Higher Self Connections In An Environment Of Duality

  1. I turned of the TV decades ago, it’s toxic, and I’m a lot happier for it. I’ve had my share of ED experiences, and that’s fine. But it isn’t going to give me a longer, better, healthier life. People can pursue a new age ascension dream, but I don’t think that that’s our future. Because the real divine plan that is self evident in the billions year old planet that we live on and universe that we live in. Is that we have free will within natural law and the law of the universe. And our future is the sum total of our individual and collective decisions within natural and universal law. And the future that this civilization is clearly choosing is to get off of the planet’s surface and to travel the universe in starships.

    Our universe is inhabited by other physical races like us, they’re in our skies every day for anyone to see who looks. They know a lot more about technology and other dimensions than we do. They’re also on the planet’s surface hiding behind their technology. Some are good and some have issues. I’m trying to meet and get to know them. If people are interested in ascension, the ETs who are already here have a lot more knowledge on the subject than we do as to what’s fact or fiction.

    You can go to the source and get the answers from ETs who have them as I’m trying to do, or you can shun them and try to find the answers on your own with a lot less knowledge and experience than ETs with higher IQs and longer lives who are already here. It makes sense to me to get the answers and experience from beings who are here that have them. But that can be scary and dangerous at times, so people like myself who walk the walk are avoided and shunned by those who don’t want to take the risks to obtain the results that people like myself have.

    Everybody has to seek their own comfort level, but as Mick Jagger said, time waits for no one, and life goes on. I don’t want to waste mine, so I walk the walk and put my money, time and effort where my mouth is. Whether it’s meditating in the central chamber of the Giza Pyramid during the 2012 winter solstice 26,000 year galactic alignment, hiking in the Rockies reconing an LZ for bringing a ship in for rendezvous, or working on contact near Area 51 with ET ground liaisons, and much else that has cost me upwards of $100,000.

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