Science Experiments Are For What You Do Not Know About God

Science Experiments Are For What You Do Not Know About God

We’re going beyond the “science is our religion” perspective, and into the knowing…. some people need 10 experiments to know something… some need 2 experiments to know something… some need 0 experiments to know, and without heart energy, one will not know anything. It is possible to know what one is experiencing, without needing to do several experiments… it is possible to walk with one foot in front of the other, without doing an experiment for each step.  When you know what God knows, then you cease to need another experiment.  Science is primarily the estimation of the spiritual ’cause’ through the measuring of the physical ‘effect’.

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5 thoughts on “Science Experiments Are For What You Do Not Know About God

  1. What is so called ‘war’?

    Every ‘war’ is about to write/ rewrite history. There are many kinds of war that could be named.
    Fights are not good or bad.

    To have an other view, to show it, to argue that could be fruitable for discussion. An ever wanting of to be right is not fruitable, it is a kind of self-affirmation.

    To try to set an own view of history (part of) to be the one and only that is right, to take this over any other, to use methodes to produce traumas for establishing a real commitment – in my opinion to use this way to fight is a real bad condition for the whole world.

    1. Why we have to fight for an own view an own ongoing? Why we have to fight if every single is fruitable for all – to integrate parts makes us all more completed.

  2. My contact work over the past 5 years has been a fairly expensive science experiment. If I’d spent the money that I spent on contact work on getting my trading company going I’d have high 5 figure or 6 figure liquidity in my trading accounts at this time, and would be on my way to 7 figure liquidity.

    1. It’s human nature to choose what science, technology and industry provide. Indians are the second largest landholders in the US next to the government. They could easily live off of the land as they did for thousands of years if they wanted to, but 99.9% of them choose to live in buildings, use motor vehicles and have modern lives.

      Transitioning into the new age, for us at least, of interstellar travel, and the better, longer lives that it can provide if we play our cards right. Is what most people are going to choose given the opportunity. I don’t think that what killed the 9 Russian hikers in 1959 was of terrestrial human origin. And I don’t think that quite a bit of what I’m dealing with is either. Though extra judicial terrestrial government and non government suppression is a concern and an issue that needs to be considered and dealt with on an as needed basis.

      It’s an historical fact that a great deal of human progress originated in the private sector, and I don’t think that our transition into the new age of becoming an interstellar civilization is going to be any different. It is almost certainly going to be a combination of private sector and government activity. Which is why people like myself who spend the money, time and effort to do the field work, research and development are finding ET/ED partners to participate with us.

      I’ve chosen to include advanced weapons and security as a facet of my contact work when many people shun that. And I don’t have a problem working with armed off planet elements on our safe and peaceful transition into the new age of becoming an interstellar civilization ourselves. As long as they use these capabilities in a moral, responsible manner. Unlike what was done to the dead Russian hikers and some of the abuse that I and others have been subjected to. I don’t think that love, light and security are mutually exclusive and that they can and do coexist in positive ET societies.

      1. Here we are Richard… thanks for your generous donation and spirit…. sometimes I’m not always at the computer to specifically approve comments, so there is a delay… blessings, D.

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