Monty Keen: You Are Victims Of The Greatest Hoax Ever Played On Your Planet


Monty Keen: You Are Victims Of The Greatest Hoax Ever Played On Your Planet

To have Montague Keen messages shared on, and other sites is a great gift to our planet.  His words that we are the victims of the greatest hoax ever played upon our planet, may have great resonance with those who have awakened… perhaps those who are deep in 3D may feel, nothing is amiss or that great things are not hapening, they feel everything is the same…. those folks may not realize:

-The earth is hollow…. all planets are hollow… the sun is hollow and cold.

  • *** RECORDED CALLS – Hollow Earth Network

    Kathryn E. May, PsyD, began her trans-channel of Zorra’s message. Zorra explains …The sun is not hot, it is a hollow planet of the “Shining Ones.” – Holograms  …

-Our planet is now under extreme kinetic release…. she has been holding back the big earthquakes and volcanic eruptions… and can do so for not much longer.

-Our leaders do not normally serve the people, and not some hidden energy.

-Our planet did just get through a hostile takeover of the Archons.

-The entire sky has chemtrails raining down, that used to be highly poisonous, but are now almost harmless due to galactic intervention.

-There are millions of ships in our solar system that we can welcome with our peace.

-Nibiru may be coming for a passby later this year.

-World leaders regularly sacrifice babies, and other lifeforms, for Lucifer, whom they do not realize is a being of Light.

-Many reptilians have brainwashed humanity into being like them… self serving, greedy, emotionless, and heartless… but many of those reptilians have turned to the Light and encourage humanity to do the same.

-The celebrity industry is basically propaganda… just like nazi germany.

-There is a new financial system just around the door.

-Life on earth as third dimensional is now ending, this planet is not going to be host to those energies for very much longer.

-There is a great upliftment in all of the multiverse, with all of Creation, now watching earth, and assisting us to lift our way out of the dark.

… and so on… check out Monty and Veronicaès message below… see if it resonates…

Indian in the machine

Message from Montague Keen – August 17, 2014

There is a war raging on Earth that is unseen by those who are still locked into 3D thinking. Those of you who are awake and aware are going through very difficult times. Look again at how Atlantis was destroyed: the frequency of key individuals was stolen thus rendering them powerless and compliant. This is exactly what is happening in your world now. Are you going to allow humanity to be wiped out? For this is indeed the plan which the Cabal is working towards.

Right now, the Cabal is holding one whose work on Earth is of great importance. Your help is required to release this person so that his mission can be completed. Please include him in your ley line meditations. Include all others who are having their frequency stolen at this time. You are being given all the information necessary to prevent the takeover of your planet. It is up to all of you to get involved in protecting humanity from the Cabal. You are many, they are few. Never forget that. Protect the vulnerable amongst you. You are up against pure evil that is prepared to go to any lengths to achieve its goal. So do not be fooled by outward appearances. They may look like you, but rest assured, their main aim is the destruction of the human race. They will be defeated, but how quickly this will happen depends on you.

Wake up, take control, and open your eyes to the truth. It is being revealed to you every day. Your ley line work has released so much that cannot be kept hidden any longer. You see what happens when you come together. Work together for the good of humanity and the protection of your planet.

Again, I ask that you use some of this energy to ensure the release of this young man.

Many obstacles are being put in the way in an effort to try to prevent our Centers being established. We hope to have the one in Ireland by the end of September if enough money comes in for it. Please help us to help you to learn a new way of living life, ready for when all that is now in place falls apart, as it will in the near future. You must be prepared to go into survival mode at first. Then start to restructure life on Earth by learning new ways to live. You must remove all that is toxic from your lives. By 2016, everything will have changed. The downfall of the Cabal will result in the disappearance of the “food chain” as you know, for they own and control everything you now depend on. When they pull the plug on everything, where will you be, if you are not prepared? Use this time to learn, and decide how you will cope.

Many times I have told you that you are the architects of the future. You must ensure that it is a future where wholesome food is available. It is time to prepare. So plans need to be made so that everything proceeds without problems. The scientists who have been making plans for the future will work with Veronica at the Centers. All information will be shared. Please help make this happen. It is for the good of all, not the few.

Many of you are distressed by the revelations regarding the ritual killing of children that happen in many parts of your world. These rituals are carried out by those you were taught to respect. You were blinded to who they really are, and to the roles they play on Earth. You were shocked to learn what they were prepared to do to you in order to remove humanity from the planet. You are victims of the greatest hoax ever played on your planet. Now that the truth has been presented to you, are you prepared to open your eyes to it, or do you want to continue to close your eyes to it? You cannot hide from it. Facts must be faced. It is time to prepare for all eventualities. Spirit is there for you, to assist you in creating a better future for all humanity.

Having to accept that all you had learned is untrue will create problems. Doctors who blindly accepted all the information given to them as flawless, will be shocked and upset to learn that instead of helping patients, they were in fact hastening their demise. The medical profession has been used as facilitators of the eugenics program. Death by prescription as designed by the Cabal. Research your health problems and treat yourselves whenever possible, as nature has all the answers. It is time to withdraw from all that is false and unwise. You owe it to yourselves and all who depend on you, to become responsible for your decisions. Do not leave them for others to decide. The Nanny State will disappear without trace. It was designed to entrap you, and it has done so, very successfully.

Look to your future now; the future that together you will create. Many are leaving your planet. They have accepted that their days in control are fast coming to an end, and they could not face humanity because of the terrible crimes they have committed against you. Some will brazen it out in an effort to hold on to what they have. Decisions need to be made calmly as to how to deal with such people. Their crimes against humanity are difficult for many of you to comprehend. Humanity has been hated and plotted against for a long time but you were blinded to it. Now, you have to take control and be responsible for your planet and all the life upon it.

We in spirit will be with you every step of the way. Our worlds will come together when all obstructions are removed. Together, we will create a world without borders, and without conflict of any sort, with freedom to explore and to learn about your fellow man. The universe will open up to you, and life will be a joy once more. The struggle you have endured will be quickly forgotten.

My dear, it is tough dealing with the problems facing you. But they will not last. You will overcome them.

My love is yours forever. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

One thought on “Monty Keen: You Are Victims Of The Greatest Hoax Ever Played On Your Planet

  1. Reblogged this on gimixiblog and commented:
    I love the loving message of hope for a brighter future! I am awake and aware of what is happening , it’s hard to swallow but the truth will set us free! The dark cabal’s days are numbered we don’t have to accept their abuse anymore! I don’t consent to the NWO!

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