Indian in the money?

Indian in the money?

If everything with the RV is coming through, you can be sure, that Indian in the machine, will become Indian in the money too.  Why is that? Well, I’ve demonstrated that I would put all personal financial gains aside, to work on behalf of humanity and the multiverse.  I’m eager to share whatever comes my way with those who have worthy projects in mind.  One of my own projects will be a living temple of sound and healing, built in the sub-terrain style of new earth dwellings.  I hope to create an environment which will attract musical innovators and others who specialize in spiritual music, and those who resonate.  If you feel I will be in the money, feel free to send a letter of expression, to highlight your visions of your worthy projects… projects that are innovative to our spirit, healing and self-empowerment, and support our resonance with the golden age frequencies, will be considered.  This truly is a time to go beyond one’s imagination, as much as possible… dream big dear ones, and remember, I’m very very generous hehe, are you? Let’s create with that frequency. 🙂

Indian in the machine


Tables Now Turning: “Lightworkers with enormous amounts of money, energy, creativity and community support will move into action the moment the RV is announced.”



8 thoughts on “Indian in the money?

  1. Expectations

    who set this? For what reason many expectations are made?

    You know the concept for manifestation?
    The best is to let free your wish without expectation.
    To hold an expectation is to hold your skills within a special field – and this for make shure that it is not to come, not happens! And after that? Frustration, pain …

    1. For me the one and only expectation is that there are unending possibilities. Yes, it is a hard lesson to establish for your brain but the best you can do for all.

  2. Dear Indian, dear brother Dieter, I DO believe you will achieve this, and I will be there too, in spirit if not, though I hope, in body. I too have given up the money system, and for years have been going where friends and relatives have needed my help w/healing. I m busted – financially, but not in any other way so far. Otherwise, I would have already sent you TONS of money, knowing you would create the most light-filled, beneficial things with it. Instead, for now, I send you “tons” (hehe) of golden light, and pure white light of love. Thank-you so much for all the beauty and love you send out for us —– we who are wandering in the various deserts! I hope I see your smiling face one day soon- Love always, your sister Eli

    On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 11:53 AM, Listen To the Red Shaman And Friends 2014

    1. We are continuing to resonate Eli… thanks for your presence I’ve felt often… yeah, many of us will welcome the opportunities to be supported as the natural innovators that we are. 😉 hugs, D.

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