Sananda Provides A Chemtrail Update Live On “Channel Panel” Blogtalk Radio / Has Chemtrail Activity Lessened Over Past Two Months?


Sananda Provides A Chemtrail Update Live On “Channel Panel” Blogtalk Radio / Has Chemtrail Activity Lessened Over Past Two Months?

The full Channel Panel episode is here:

The whole show is very interesting…. but you can skip to the Sananda question at the 1:25-1:45 segment.  Keep in mind this is channeled material… which isn’t a perfect system…. see if this resonates.  


Some highlights from this particular Channel Panel show:

-Father God says the chemtrails are harmless.

-In their dimension, “it is done”…

-There are fewer chemtrails and they are less toxic.

-Ashtar Command… brothers and sisters constantly at work, taking toxins out of the air.

-On the ground we may see the fewer chemtrails, but are not breathing them on the ground.

-No more cancer from them…. no more birth defects.

-We may still see patterns, but be assured, we are no longer being poisoned…. we were…

-In the last few months, this has been taking place.

-We will see chemtrails for a shortime longer…it’s mostly steam and water vapour that is being produced.

-Those making chemtrails in these final days, be able to turn their backs on the thing that pays their mortgage? There are many… towns…communities…

-Yes there are still toxins produced.

-As soon as RV (revaluation) takes place… those of the light will stop doing cabal jobs…this is what we are about to experience… nothing will be the same… those who didn’t truly want to do what they did for money will no longer do it.

-We will see a new kind of freedom soon.

-Those factories will soon have no one to work, to produce poisons.

-Mother earth will heave a sigh of relief… “it is done”.

Thanks Harry, Meg, Sananda and Kathryn on the historic Channel Panel Radio Show!!!… this is very helpful information. I have also noticed in the last few months… a decrease in the chemtrails… even though there was some heavy spraying just a few days ago… it is quickly cleaned up by galactic forces… and they seem pleased to provide demonstrations of this… just ask them… and then watch the “cloudships” vacuum up the chemtrails. If you happen to see a rainbow cloudship… then even more beautiful right? I have also noticed that the air smells very clean.

Two recent examples;

Ashtar Command Rainbow UFO Cloudship Appears Over Canada, And Cleans Up A Chemtrail

Otherworldly Chemtrail Victory Dance: Dancing Sky Angel Neutralizes Chemtrail With Giant Vortex

Channel Panel… it’s every week, and provides earth/galactic ascension updates touching upon many fascinating subjects. I urge you to check out the entire show that goes into “soul projects”…siting Jesus from the bible as being an example of a soul project… in the Jesus Soul Project.. the being who came to earth to play the role of Jesus, was led by Sananda’s soul and also had St. Germain and El Morya. *El Morya is a collective group in “himself”. Other examples of soul groups would be the Arcturians, The Group channeled by Steve Rother, and many on earth during these final 3D chapter, has soul groups.


Participate In This Short Chemtrail Study

Please feel free to leave a comment, and let us know how the chemtrails are in your area… has their been less activity over the past few months…OVERALL?

Leave a comment on this page… say hello… that is all there is to it. 🙂





Ultimate Pied Piper (short version) cover art

Flute Magic!!! Indian in the machine – Ultimate Pied Piper:  “This song is definitely my favorite flute piece, I have ever recorded… and an ideal song to put a little bit of magical flute into your visions…”

… listen to this song, and envision blue skies, free energy… dancing in the streets… living in spirit… being free… unslaved from physicality… whatever you want. 😉

The rattles used in this recording come from a mexican artisan, who I did a trade with, for some cash and a beautiful opal pendant. The rattles are traditional native mexican… made for a pow wow dancer. Our trade had lots of beauty in it for me, as I had never played rattles that had such a timeless and presence, and she worked so hard on those rattles and did a superjob, she was pleased they were going to me, as I was definitely going to do something with them… it wasn’t a transaction… it was a gift exchange.

The flute is a High Spirits double cedar that has lots of “play” in it.

You are welcomed to download this free version. … it is my intention for it to stand to validify the theory that the chemtrails are becoming less harmful… there’s no way I would be able to play the flute like this, if the chemtrails were affecting my throat or lungs… like before.

Free download here:

The full version in high resolution and spirit, is available as an unlisted bonus track, from the musical project, “Soul Art”. 



14 thoughts on “Sananda Provides A Chemtrail Update Live On “Channel Panel” Blogtalk Radio / Has Chemtrail Activity Lessened Over Past Two Months?

  1. I live in Vermont and I’ve been hip to chemtrails and watching the sky for years. This summer has been great. I noticed one or two chemtrails on July 4th and not another one until Sept. 11th! Not to say they weren’t out there somewhere I couldn’t see, but the area I live in and could see got hammered like everywhere else previously and I really noticed when it ceased. Since then I’ve seen a few – but definitely not like before! The sky seems much bluer and energized – towering cumulous clouds, rain every 4-5 days. I’m loving it.

    1. The sky keeps getting better and better here since my last post. Back to the normal days of blue skies and white puffy clouds most of the time.

      There are definitely days when the chemtrails appear quite suddenly out of nowhere, but as soon as the do, the sylphs attack and clean up the sky.

      I videotaped the battle and the resultant clear skies yesterday morning for my son who does not believe me or that it is happening.

      More of the planes I’m seeing now are not leaving trails or else a short one that disappears quickly. Considering the number of aircraft that fly to my south early in the morning and in the late afternoon and early evening, the lack of chemtrails is nothing short of a miracle.

      I definitely encourage the air spirits during their battles and thank them profusely after they have won. So far so good.

  2. Indian, me knows and likes you folks. Cointel is not the exclusive providence of any singular nation. In order for the future to emerge, as long ago planned, the present must pass away. I hedge my bets. To minimize suffering. We be cool.

  3. What proof. There is none USAF ointelpro ops delete my comments. Pgilosophers, psuedo intellectuals channelers and the rest have no business commenting on technology of which they know nil, including psuedo ad hoc geoengineers and the tarnished USAF brass they kiss up to. Blind morons shooting from the hip. I kbow how to fix the ozone layer without posioning us all. Buy Sanada a ticket to an accredited Astro Physics/Chemical Engineering College. BTW, chem trailing planes continue to land from overhead every five minutes during this comment and lengthier deleted previous one

  4. I live in Northwestern Indiana just 90 miles from Chicago. Even though I live in the country, we get a lot of airline traffic to the north and south of us going to O’Hare airport.

    It seems as though the chemtrails are fewer, although unfortunately, there are days where they sometimes seem about the same. Overall, thosebad days appear to be fewer in number. I have also seen the Sylphs attacking the trails and cleaning them up in places. One day I saw a HUGE Sylph crossing the sky from east to west cleaning up some remnant chemtrails and leaving a clear sky behind it.

    I have also noted how incredibly bright and white the sun has gotten quite recently.

    1. Here is the reality. Chemtrails are not harmless. Just more big bro propaganda through MK or every mechanisn at their disposal. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and the NASA War Document and the USAF doc “Owning the Weather 2025” state it clearly. The USAF basically stopped their pilots from training/flying domestically because they let a one year “double down” contract for underperforming Wall Street based commercial airlines to prove the ad hoc idiot geoengineers right, which they never were, shooting from the hip with a gunny sack over their heads. That is why so many fine USAF pilots are bailing out and being phased out. There is no valid reason for them doing what they are. How is spraying pathogen containing human blood going to fix their idiot unfixable deterioration of the ozone layer due to 1800+ atmopheri nuclear explosions when nano or monoatomic radioactive isotopes reside in the upper atmosphere constantly emmiting gamma and X-radiation? They should be spraying concentrated hydrogen peroxide and using ozone generators if they were serious about fixing the problem. Me thinks Sanada should take a course or two in Astro Physics and Chemical Engineering.

  5. The trails have greatly reduced from last spring here in Louisville Colorado. There have been many days of crystal clear air, where the sky looks almost surreal. It truly seems as if we have shifted into a new and beautiful dimension! I am witnessing the new colors as well, it’s lovely.
    Thank you for sharing this information.

  6. I live in Ohio, 50 miles or so from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, whom produce the never ending chemtrails for their geoengineering projects. This entire summer we have had maybe ten days of clear blue sky.
    Every morning before noon, the sky is blue, and cloudless. But by noon, the sun disappears, and it remains overcast for the remainder of the day, and throughout the night.
    This spring, the chemtrails would blow away with the wind. Not anymore. They stick in the sky, no matter the wind patterns.
    This website has informative information which describes the real reason they are spraying. Please check it out.

  7. Lies lies lies. They have not abated and are quite harmful. I have proof. These are lying evil spirits. They land every 30 seconds to five minutes and are commercial jets which even spray dessicated human blood because it can carry pathogenic disease. They are harmful.

  8. This is complete disinfo. I count and spot the commercial chemtrailing planes as they land and fly overhead, often at 30 second to five minute intervals. Friends and intel acquaintences have same respiratory distress, dry cough and skin irritation along with hyperfusion. They also spray dessicated human blood (I have seen) because it can carry pathogens. These lying spirits are not of God or benevolent cause.

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