Perhaps You Are Entertained With Popular Music, Videos, Movies, TV Shows… Is It Worth It?

Expressions of power???

Perhaps You Are Entertained With Popular Music, Videos, Movies, TV Shows… Is It Worth It?

Dear world,

Anything that supports someone else’s control over your life is propaganda.

Perhaps you are regulary submerged in popular television shows… listened to popular music… went to popular movies… and follow popular sports or celebrities… you use popular apps for your cell phone…. popular anything and everything… you are a “go with the crowd” kinda person because it’s “safer”….  if so chances are FAIRLY LARGE, that you would be fairly consumed with propaganda… similar to nazi Germany except it’s like nazi Germany on steroids.  The overall effect would be someone who really doesn’t get truthful information, but might be filled with the notion that the situation is otherwise. Your value systems would be reptilian in nature… with your speech, values, attitudes and beliefs… and energy field… geared towards competition, fear, mind-based living, and an absence of heart and love in your life. You probably would not care much about others, and would allow others to even think for you.  You like to dominate through force, rather than share power through harmony.  You likely work at a job you don’t like, and have unfulfilling relations on all levels, because without heart, that is what happens.   Your heroes would be those who are more reptilian than you.  Your life would basically lack originality, because without heart you are not going to ever be original.  Your health will obviously be low, as will your zest for life itself.  Your life will be ruled by corporations… joy will be nonexistent as will your ability to add wisdom or love to any aspect of your life… is it worth it to live this way? There is a reason, trash gets promoted as art…  if your heart is open, you know what I’m talking about… if it isn’t you will feel inner resistance (electrical charge) to these words, and you will think you know what I’m talking about, but the fullness of my words will escape you, as easily as your own power is given away to the propaganda machine.  Inner power is power….  devoting portions of your life to something outside yourself that appears powerful, isn’t power.  There is a very good reason for propaganda… and it is to simply weaken you, and to get you to live a life of imitation, since it makes you easy to control…. truly satisfying art will strengthen you and your connection to everything, especially your inner wisdom, power and love.

 Indian in the machine


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