China Positions Itself To Be World’s Interspecies Cloning And Robot Superpower

China Positions Itself To Be World’s Interspecies Cloning And Robot Superpower

Indian in the machine

While the world slept, and China worked it’s buns off to become a manufacturing capital of the world… that attitude extends especially to anything to further strangle the planet, of any sort healthy attitude towards production of anything…. now we can add robots and clones to the mix… and not just clones of rice or something like that… we are talking multi-species tampering with nature.  

I would not concern myself with the robots take away jobs arguement… we’re waaaaay past that… and why not have robots do menial tasks…however we must as a planet use robots for the good of all, not just a few manufacturers or military. Do you really think robots are just for making toys? Or perhaps are they selling the world a cute story with ping pong playing robots, a story, meanwhile… hello robot army?

Human cloning has been in the works for 60 years on our planet… you might be surprised… very very surprised…

More research:


Two articles from the fantastic doppels proboards site:  

“One Million Robots: Our Replacements Have Arrived

In the ongoing debate as to whether robots will help or hurt the job market in the U.S. and overseas, some concrete answers are beginning to appear.

Foxconn is a Chinese electronics manufacturer of mobile devices and gaming consoles. The company has been the target of negative news lately about work conditions that have led to mutiny and suicides. They are a supplier of Apple, Kindle, Xbox 360 and others, so the spotlight has been shining.

Now it seems that Foxconn would like to replace these troublesome humans demanding rights and fair pay with robots.

The first fleet has arrived …

Foxconn’s plants have the population of entire cities; the largest is known as “Foxconn City” and is estimated to have upwards of 450,000 workers and covers 1.6 square miles. The Foxconn plants are together responsible for the assembly of 40% of the world’s consumer electronic products. What happens at Foxconn should signal a trend for what is likely to happen elsewhere. (Source)

“The First Cloning Superpower – Inside China’s race to become the clone capital of the world

I am peering into a laboratory microscope at what is sort of a cloned human being.

Sort of a cloned human being because it’s only a blastocyst, a very early stage embryo that’s floating under the microscope like a tiny bit of soap foam. And also sort of because this blastocyst was created by inserting all the DNA from a human being into the egg of a rabbit.

This little swimming experiment in interspecies biology is taking place not in some high tech office park or Ivy League research lab, but on the top floor of an emergency ward at a shabby hospital complex in mainland China. Downstairs, the reception area is lined with battered folding chairs occupied by patients with makeshift bandages or open wounds. Splashed across the linoleum is what looks like dried blood. But here on the top floor, the elevator opens to a world of $100,000 microscopes, sperm-washing machines, and egg-denucleating micropipettes.

Major scientific journals won’t publish research that has been described in the popular media, so I have promised not to divulge identifying details about the experiment or the scientist performing it, whom I’ll call Dr. X. But I can say that Dr. X’s laboratory is one of three I visited in China where researchers are investigating interspecies clones. And I can also say that this experiment would be illicit if not completely illegal in the United States and most of the developed world. But in China it’s all legal, every bit of it, which is a big reason why Dr. X moved here after spending a decade at a public institution in the US.


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