Another Hint (From “The Group”) That Nibiru Is Coming For A Pass By, Later THIS Year

Another Hint (From “The Group”) That Nibiru Is Coming For A Pass By, Later THIS Year

Dear world,

The world of channeled messages has been invaluable for humans to comprehend what is going on in the world… it can also be frustrating for many (myself included!), because the messages are sometimes vague, conflicting, and predictions can also come and go, without something obvious happening… remember Dec. 21 2012?  Why does this happen?  Well… a few points:  1.   Humans are continually changing outcomes and timelines… what was true yesterday is not necessary true tomorrow.  We are after alll, living in a hologram of our making.  2.  Some messages serve to guide us… to leave us clues, rather than to tell us what is going on… why does this happen?  Well, the answer is simple… this is our time to create our world… it wouldn’t make sense of you were taking an exam, if the teachers were to give all the answers DURING the exam… that makes sense right, that the teacher can only help during an exam but not write the answers for the students????  3.  They cannot give us the truth all at once, because most of us would shutdown… that wouldn’t the outcome any of us really desire, is it????

Sooooo… with that in mind, you may be aware that I posted this, five days ago:

Nibiru ‘Season’ Update 2014, AnAnnUki Say They Will Pass By Earth, But Will Not Land On Our Planet

I have stated several good reasons why I felt this to be the situation, that Nibiru may coming for a passby this year…. well, I’m going to now add a snippet from a channeled message from Steve Rother and The Group… see if it resonates…

“From many perspectives you are aware of what is taking place with the Earth. She is going through a major re-birth, beginning another cycle. You originally were not going to be here for this. Now you have extended the game and stepped forward in it to participate. It is very beautiful, yet it is also challenging because the Earth was shutting down. Many of the species on planet Earth have been dying off for a long time. Yes, she has recently been re-seeded and that re-seeding will continue; there will be more meteors, comets and solar flares to assist that process. There will be several later this year that might scare you, so just re-member to breathe.”


It is unusual for any channeled message from higher sources (which The Group most certainly is), to suggest that we may be scared by something… so I am suggesting there may be something FAIRLY SIGNIFICANT here, to pay attention to.  We remember that Nibiru is called, “the destroyer”… not because it’s going to destroy our planet, but because it comes, to “bring down the old”.  So remember that if something completely unexpected happens, like a whole bunch of fireballs suddenly hitting our planet… remember to breathe… and then what?  Well… that’s up to you, we are moving through a fairly significant time… but I will say one thing…  love will get us through everything.  The purpose of Nibiru’s passby is to finally get 7.5 billion humans to stop fighting, to stop being so greedy, to stop acting like we all need to compete with one another. Nibiru’s passby will thus help us to shed our old warring ways, to finally reunite with our true essence and to open our hearts… sometimes it takes a big disaster for that to happen… it doesn’t have to be that way, but it is what we are collectively choosing.

Watch for the fireballs… watch for earth magnetic disturbance… watch for increasing earthquakes… watch for one day something rather large appears in the sky… I’m not sure how it will play out, but I know it’s big, and it’s serves a grand purpose… these celestial bodies will also be seeding earth with new lifeforms, that’s how it happens.

I leave you with this quote from a Sananda message speaking of the Tsunami of Love (a series of shocking events that will open the hearts of humanity), not an actual tsunami: “Now, are some still being washed by the Tsunami? Yes, and we say it is about to intensify, so get ready! But you are holding the ground and what are you doing? You are taking it to the next step, the next level.”

Indian in the machine

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