Go Behind The Headlines On This One: Saskpower Smartmeters Cause Much More Than Fires

Go Behind The Headlines On This One: Saskpower Smartmeters Cause Much More Than Fires

SaskPower Smartmeter Story Has A Twist: Fires Are The Least Of the Public’s Concerns: Possibility For Health-Related Class Action Suit Remains Highly Likely

Wow… the mind boggles that Saskpower ARE AT STILL UNDERPLAYING THE HEALTH DANGERS OF THEIR DUMBMETERS…. I have noticed that the headlines focus on a few fires caused by smartmeters… WOW THEY ARE PLAYING THE PUBLIC, TO AVOID A CLASS-ACTION LAW SUIT (and to save their executive jobs)…it appears that they are underplaying the fact that these SMARTMETERS ARE A DANGER TO HEALTH, there are other aspects to smartmeters I won’t go into including intentionally causing nervousness, panic and anxiety…  I can imagine many were encouraged to get medicated during the time their smart meter was installed.

  1. Smart Meter Dangers: The Health Hazards of Wireless

    Jun 28, 2014 – Public fears about wireless smart meters are well-founded. They are backed by various medical authorities such as the Public Health …

    1. Scientific papers on EMF health effects:

    2. Explanation and studies on electrosensitivity:

Take note… if you have a smart meter and have been undergoing any sort of unusual health situation…. heart attack… headaches… pains… death even…. ESPECIALLY THOSE ALREADY WEAK FROM A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION!… we know its usual for any corporation to often deny responsibility for the damage to health, they often just see it as business as usual… well in this case, the health issues of smart meters are very well documented.

You are encouraged you to do an independent health assessment if you have a health meter… or did anyone even die since their smart meter has been installed?  The talk to a lawyer… don’t wait for a class-action suit to begin… be your own warrior.

Cut and paste this article!


Quebecers worried about SaskPower order to remove all smart meters

Globalnews.caAug 2, 2014Share
ABOVE: (Jul. 3, 2014) Saskatchewan Power has announced it’s removing all smart meters in that province after 8 fires were linked to the …

Let them know, if you feel putting people at health risk is a good idea for profits and a fat paycheck…. let’s hear from people from all over the world.



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