Born To Be An Easy Rider/Lightworker… But the Cash… Oh Dear…

Born To Be An Easy Rider/Lightworker… But the Cash… Oh Dear…

Your support is welcomed and appreciated, just like my support for your journey may be welcomed and appreciated…’Nuff said except BIG thanks for those who have contributed… when we finally meet, I have not forgotten. 🙂  Your gift will make a difference!




9 thoughts on “Born To Be An Easy Rider/Lightworker… But the Cash… Oh Dear…

  1. Hi dieter your blog was started by u and u alone all the posts over the last 3 yrs that I been getting ur emails have had a date where people look to that date and yes you have given false hope to many over the years . If u want to clarify look back over the years that u have posted dates has any of it come true, again I state u give false hope to people that follow u. I could go back 3 yrs and let u know how many dates. And how the naive people believe this and wait as you live in canada like myself u really need to do more research on ur posts u post channeled stuff from our creator and dates non of what u ever posted has happened , as I care not to discuss this any longer my email is Rodandcarol when u start to post truth I will gladly donate, post the truth dieter I dare u post the facts and not when we will or if we have done the right things we will be saved we are all sinners including u my friend nobody and I state nobody’s hands are clean.

  2. As the veil is very thin now and being a light worker for the creator ur manifesting should be at it’s prime as mine is . Put that heart into it and the creator takes care of us concentrate on that my friend. As u post as a very powerful person, to guide people u should be able to manifest ur needs. Rod

  3. Sorry dieter as I have given a small bit in the past It always seems that all ur posts and all the bait and carrot stuff is all the same my friend, as my path has changed to the real truth, ur posts are always another date as I love u and all that u think u do I believe all ur doing is giving false hope and If u read the bible and look to the laws of the king name bible u do seem like a false profit

    1. Roderick, help me out with some clarity when you say ‘small bit’… does that match with your regular visits over months and years? Please, no more is needed or asked, I’m just seeking clarity… thanks! Dieter

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