A Bong For Every Household To Cut Crime? Colorado Crime Rates Down Since Legalizing Marijuana


A Bong For Every Household To Cut Crime?  Colorado Crime Rates Down Since Legalizing Marijuana

According to statistics recently released by the government in Denver, the amount of robberies and violent crimes significantly decreased since marijuana legalization went into effect. It is important to mention that this strong correlation is not definitive proof that legalization is the cause of this drop in crime, but it does strongly suggest that this is the case.

These statistics are especially convincing considering the short amount of time that this drastic reduction in crime has taken place.  In just one short year the number of homicides dropped by 52.9%.  Sexual assaults were reduced by 13.6%. Robberies were down by 4.8% and assaults were down by 3.7%.


How about a bong for every household, instead of spending trillions for the wars on terror, drugs, people, animals, and nature?? Marijuana certainly appears to be more effective to cut crime than increasing police forces, laws, and building jails.

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