Secrets Of Disney’s Maleficent Exposed




Secrets Of Disney’s Maleficent Exposed, And The Keys To Freedom


Disney,  Angelina Jolie and others continue to prey upon the public especially WOMEN AND CHILDREN… often using imagery to conjure up demons that harm children and women… this time in Disney’s rape movie, Maleficent.  I throw in the United Nations into this, since she’s their spokesperson, and the United Nations reps REGULARLY organize sex slavery, while pretending to be fighting it, even hiring a spokesperson  like Angelina Jolie who appears to get off big time, on the idea of rape.


1.  Maleficent is a metaphor for Baal… an evil entity that people like Angelina and Madonna conjure up, for their own power….





3.  Molech at Bohemian Grove, where the leaders of the world do a “mock” child sacrifice… angelina works for them…. yeah it gets sicker…


4.  Watch out for this one….. she’s making millions from her Disney rape movie, while trying to look good… role model or psychopath?

Angelina Jolie Confirms a KeyMaleficent Scene Was About Rape



Maleficent is a worldwide, all-ages hit, drawing children and adults alike to a story crammed with fairies, sword fights, and the healing power of magic. It is also, at least in part, about rape.

Many grown-ups who have seen the film already suspected as much from the scene in which Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent is violated by Sharlto Copley’s King Stefan, a man she trusted. He drugs her and cuts off her massive wings. Now Jolie has confirmed that the scene deliberately echoes the too-familiar beats of the date-rape narrative. “We were very conscious, the writer [Linda Woolverton] and I, that it was a metaphor for rape,” Jolie said during an interview with BBC Woman’s Hour. Jolie had spoken forcefully at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, on Tuesday, demanding an end to rape as a tool of war.

5. Some pics from the United Nations spokesperson…. how united eh? How anti-rape… how peaceful…

Special Envoy?????? Yuck! If you see a refugee, make sure you warn them about her.

First you drink hard alcohol…

Then you light up a smoke….


He’s in on it too…

She actually promotes rape doesn’t she?

Who’s next!

Who’s next!! Don’t forget to bring your black cross…

A beacon of peace for the United Nations…

Nice black cross… poking at her vagina… and some reading material…

She’s got that satanic hand sign down…

Here she is with her vial of blood that she wears around her neck… sick puppy indeed.

I was almost done this article… but let’s not forget she promotes bestiality and incest…

Why does she want this horse to get erect?

Angelina is probably the biggest promoter of rape in Hollywood…. even trying to get women to cut off their breasts.


So if you made it this far, will you please join me, in an affirmation to clean up our world entertainment and leadership…

“Dear God… thanks for this info… now I know to not support Disney, Angelina Jolie or United Nations in anything… may our planet be free of anyone who seeks to control another being for any purpose… let alone to knowingly bring harm… may all beings have peace in the world, including those who conspire against the entire world.  May all those who conspire against the world, now be exposed in the brightest light possible, so that all in the world can be free.”

It wouldn’t surprise me if you are willing to be entertained by Disney or Angelina Jolie, that you might have been infected with demonic energy/parasite….  clear up your energy by getting some insight…

Christos Sophia Transmissions

Image from

Christos and Sophia within will dance in the new light this time,  again With Energetic Synthesis.

If you like myself have been fooled over the year’s by those who serve dark forces, then these links below will greatly assist you to free yourself from unhappy relationships on all levels.

I am completely enthralled with Lisa Renee’s material…  this is deep deep stuff… very strongly cleansing… off the charts insight filled…  if you are going through challenging energetic times… these are masterful teachings that will surely activate inner wisdom, power and love… Christos and Sophia within will dance in the new light this time,  again With Energetic Synthesis.

Probably not a bad idea to click here,  as this link appears to have further useful info to bridge the gaps within…. the consciousness of Sophia energy just like Christ energy has been misconstrued, resulting in unjoyful relations. Some of the effect of absorbing cultural attitudes of unhealed male and female energy within, is


(It’s why she gets paid the big bucks!)

… related to not having a voice… or even using misusing one’s voice.

with the males… it is oppression of females and the feminine within… and  and over emphasis on the physical rather than spiritual aspects of sex….  you might look like this often…

When this happens your relations will look like this…

without that whole apple and snake thing.

You will benefit greatly if you never again forget LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION… no this isn’t the bible 10 Commandments, this is the real deal. 😉 It is hidden knowledge now being revealed to the masses… perhaps with your help even… ya know… click click,,,,. 😉 It is the absence of this knowledge that all pain and suffering happens.


These Laws were given forth by Creator God Aton of Light, and The Creation, and are also called The Laws of Balance. –

A. The highest command of The Law of Creation is:
Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation.

B. The highest command of The Law of God is:
You shall Honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for HE is the “King of Wisdom”.

We attain spiritual perfection by learning and wisely following the Laws given forth by God and Creation. We learn through the Spirit of God within us how to live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.

The Laws are as follows:

1. You shall have no other gods than the Creator God before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all. Also known as the “Law of One”.
2. You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil.
3. You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love yourself as God and God as yourself).
4. You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood.
5. Remember God’s “day” and keep it holy. (Every day is God’s “day”.)
6. You shall honor your mother and father.
7. You shall not murder your fellow man. (Killing to preserve your life or of your family is not murder)
8. You must not commit adultery.
9. You must not steal (materially or emotionally).
10. You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor.
11. You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another. Also known as “The Law of Non-interference.”
12. You must not judge (condemn) others, but you must wisely judge all behavior and actions which are contrary to the Laws of God and The Creation.
13. As you sow, so shall you reap. Also called “The Law of Cause and Effect.”
14. You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father, the One within.
15. You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of your species.
16. You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called “The Golden Rule”.
17. Evil (adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their evilness. (By their fruits you shall know them).
18. You must not commit the act of slavery (physical or emotional) upon any human being of Creator God.

With the communion of the Spirit of Life within us, we must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance, and secondly, we must wisely know where our responsibility begins and ends within the Creation upon this wonderful Planet Earth.

The first question to ask is how can I maintain my life in “harmony and balance” with the rest of “creation”? The answer is, you begin with the pure desire to know Truth. We must recognize that we are limited in our perception of Truth, and that God knows the best pathway for us to travel in His service. So we must then surrender our “will” (ego) to that which is God’s Will.

“In your daily prayer you must ask God for the loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will (ego)”.

Then in our quiet corner we must meditate. We must listen. We must wait upon our Father-God who is within us (our God-Spirit) to give us that which we need to sustain us in His service. Our will and His Will must become one again.







4 thoughts on “Secrets Of Disney’s Maleficent Exposed

  1. Well, Dieter, you’re a little bit nasty about Angelina, aren’t you? Actually exposing her past (which other ‘spiritual’ youth do look at your site) and not saying anything about her acting. I think she was great in that performance. I didn’t leave the theater with anything but positive vibes from the show. There was no nudity and it actually gave viewers a look into the fairy world. We have all done things that we are not proud. Give me a break…..
    As far as her mastectomy is concerned, there are alternative measures which I would endorse, but that is not my business. And, the bit about the United Nations was a little over the top of negativity. Maybe the UN will get rid of the nasty cabal soon. You just never know.
    I do appreciate the other material that you brought out. Thank you.

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