St. Germain Says The Elite Are Preparing To Check In To The Fema Camps They Built For Us!

St. Germain Says The Elite Are Preparing To Check In To The Fema Camps They Built For Us!

Listen to the historic radio show Chanel Panel….for yourself and hear St. Germain through Kathryn E May and her guests and cohosts including Anne Dehart!  After you listen you’ll want to use lots of exclaimation marks too! lol–a-new-era-for-planet-earth?__hstc=152744614.56d4fddfc72c8bf97db0af9526018458.1386720000025.1386720000026.1386720000027.1&__hssc=152744614.1.1386720000028

Channel Panel

“Within the space of one day… dramatic and instant change.

All must get used to being in an atmosphere of Love.  A real… shakeup!”

He says the public might get a bit dangerous to the elite, when the public finds out what they have done including all our financial woes/enslavement and the embezzlement of trillions daily from the public wealth (hello digital money supply)… from previous research the writer here suggest this list might include:

-The poisoning of the air, food, water and soil.

-Fixed elections


-Regular child sacrifice

-Feeding of human meat and blood into food supply (hello ketchup)

-The rise of satanism


-The underground cities

-Vibrational warfare

… the list goes on….  remember to send love to everyone against you… it is the only way to rise up. ;)


  • Prepare For Change » Ben Fulford July 15, 2014…/benfulford-july-15-2014-nazionist-mafia-circle…

    5 days ago – Ben Fulford July 15, 2014 – Nazionist mafia circles the wagons as …. in the FEMA concentration camps they created for their intended victims.

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