Spirit Eagle Comments On “Now That The Galactics Control The New Money Supply To Come… (N.E.S.A.R.A.)”

Spirit Eagle Comments On “Now That The Galactics Control The New Money Supply To Come… (N.E.S.A.R.A.)”

Thanks Spirit Eagle… you are amazing and so are your messages.


While I don’t feel we’re being set up for negative purposes… nonetheless, to suggest the light doesn’t set us up, would not be truth.  To think God wouldn’t play a trick is to limit God.  Think back to an experience where something perceived as undesirable or even horrible had a blessing in it… a flat tire that happened to be across from a gas station… a financial scare that somehow included an opportunity to rise up in your personal power…  they have done it before and they will do it again… it is not to be mean…. it is to get results… with that in mind and heart… for everyone out there, enjoy your complete release of all negative energy and don’t be surprised if “God pinches your toes”…. because we are not collectively ready for big wads of cash, as many are still focused on building their personal empires rather than to be of service to one another.  If this new currency thing doesn’t happen in a wise and CONTROLLED and EFFECTIVE manner, those with freewill would naturally want to own it all again and would work towards it again… I believe the plans unfolding for our new financial reality are best described here…


and here:


… Chanel Panel, the historic radio show… highlights how the financial thing will play out. and how the Light had to trick to the dark to get results… and that includes the dark within each of us…

Love and joyful beams


Dear Dieter:  Reading your Message (below)  I felt bad for your discouragement so I decided to tell you what I FEEL about some of these questions.  I have been on the N.E.S.A.R.A train since about 2002 or so.  I know people who put in money for the Prosperity programs in the 1990’s and I know of others who did so before then!  Some have died while “waiting for N.E.S.A.R.A.!”

It will help if we all read any messages from the Galactics, Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, etc with our Intuition on High Alert!  Going Within and Feeling the truth or untruth of a Message is your best protection from being deceived.  Wanting something  to be true doesn’t necessarily mean the message IS true!  We need to keep in mind that those in power now, have Psyops that can interfere in Messages from other dimensional Beings (of the Light).  This is why it is CRITICAL for those who attempt communication with the GF, or Ascended Masters etc.  to ask for help and protection before doing any messages for Humanity.  It is a grave responsibility to bring forth untainted Messages.
Communicators (CHANNELS) with other Dimensional Beings can be deceived too.  That is why I tell people to check all info WITHIN!  Following are my comments to your article Dieter.
Something that people are not aware of is that no higher dimensional Being would LIE!  That is a  low 3rd or Lower 4th Dimensional Entity.  They Are STILL there!  They and their Earthly minions are busy little characters who do everything they can to interfere with channeled and telepathic messages.

I do believe that it is up to us (Humanity) to get it done.  We need to take responsibility for our own lives and that includes being Active, speaking out, using our own power, and recognizing that power within!  It seems to me that there Are people in all walks of life who are the Warriors for Truth, Justice and Compassion who Are helping to get the job done on the monetary front as well as Spiritually.

My sense is that Nobody is dancing on the ships (unless they’re Earthbound, governmental Black OPS ships) which they do have!  As far as a “spiral ascension goes”  sounds a bit convoluted and not necessary as Ascension is on an Individual Soul’s Journey.

As far as Pictures go, I have received images telepathically and sketched those images for my books.  Sometimes the sketch sort of draws itself.  They seem to have had meetings with some of the World Controllers.  I received a Message from Celeste who was dealing with the Vatican and she said that the officials there were not too happy with  having to deal with a Galactic FEMALE  Ambassador!  I have seen them in the flesh a few times.  One disappeared after he greeted me.  One, my cat noticed first and I turned to see what he was looking at. He was of the Bird Tribe.  He went invisible as he passed me but I Felt his presence as he walked past us and my cat kept watching as he walked down the street.  I also saw Hermes when he came to check on my Paschat who had been ill.  He was a Big Guy.  Another thing I learned from these encounters is that there isn’t a feeling of Great Awe or Great Fear!  It FEELS Normal!!  Remember that the Dark Ones can appear as Beautiful Light Beings that put you in Awe and fool you..  It is just a Normal interaction.  Nothing to fear or be awed about.

You mentioned #9 that the Galactics talk about people would be in fear and so they have to go slowly.  That is pure psyop bs so you might want to check out the sources of those communications.  As I said,  Messengers can be compromised, especially if Ego starts to take ascendency over the purity of the Messages.  It is often a case of the recipient of messages allowing their desires to take precedence within the messages.  One MUST protect oneself in order to receive pure messages.
I hope this helps to pull you out of your discouragement.  With Love,  Spirit Eagle

Dear world,
I have written for several years, on the galactic messages coming to earth… the ones coming most recently from several channels, are suggesting that the galactic now control the money supply… although I am a supportive sharer of their messages, I ask you the populace of earth, should we trust them?  There are actually a few good reasons to not trust them.
1.  They like to stretch the truth… ‘soon’ to ‘them’ could mean decades or half a century later to them… they don’t care if the definition of the word ‘soon’ has a different meaning for us… they seem to bask in the confusion over this word.. they like to toy with humanity this way… the Pleaidans have said in writing, that humans are easy to fool.
2.  No matter how much suffering is prolonged or extended, our galactic family are convinced that all is well… and that they are dancing in the spaceships… while they wait for an opportune moment to give us our money… does that sound like they recognize our situation and are ‘doing all they can’?
3.  There are stories of earth humans visiting their spacecrafts, but they seem to be rather camera shy… isn’t it strange that they can’t share their own pictures?
4.  Our galactics have told us that our planetary ascension is now become a spiral ascension, where instead of three waves of ascension, there would be one spiraling ascension group.  Are we earth humans supposed to be comforted by the fact that they okay-ed this with our souls, rather than to ask us, where we are right now, as souls in these bodies?
5.  Although we’ve been on the most negative planet in our universe… is it reasonable to ask humans to suffer more, just so that the galactics can have their trophy ascension?
6.  Our galactic commanders will be in on physicial meetings with our evil cabal… isn’t it strange that they cannot convene in the physical with earth lightworkers… choosing to keep setting us up for our next lessons?
7.  Believe it… our galactics now control the money supply… is it fair that it is now them, who decides how it is handed out and to whom? They sure think so.
8.  While our galactics preach to us about becoming unlimited beings, why do they shy away from something as simple as a photograph or clear video footage of their ships… why are we stuck in old grainy images?
9.  Our galactics often put fear over love… they constantly tell humans they have to go slow because of humanities fear… while preaching that love conquors all.
10.  So basically our galactics control the new system coming out soon, and we can’t even see their faces, or even meet them face to face.
Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave the money back to the evil controllers… because it is the ‘greatest good’ to teach the most humans another beautiful lesson about ‘loving those who hurt you, as much as loving those who do not hurt you”.
Time: July 16, 2014 at 3:36 am
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3 thoughts on “Spirit Eagle Comments On “Now That The Galactics Control The New Money Supply To Come… (N.E.S.A.R.A.)”

  1. Fear corrupts the 4 body system and with it one can not ascend and go upward past 3D there are so many negative imprints right now one has to be daily weekly clearing them out from 3D toxicity and the toxicity tries daily to anchor itself on to our auras I cant speak for all humans but there is lots of them without fear so doing it slowly because of fear is a cop out sometimes rude awakenings are necessary and one can not ascend without a pure 4 body system over ride of the 3d toxicity some will tell you it’s possible they fool those who believe this.

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