My Experience With The Detox Body Paste (With added MSM)

My Experience With The Detox Body Paste (With added MSM)My health continues to improve… I added some MSM to my personal daily body paste routine, in which I cover my body between two hot showers. The sulfur’s effect to remove very sore legs after a 25 km hike, was almost instant! For a lifetime I have been trying to stretch out the pain I feel from exercise…. now I know sulfur’s effect to my daily practice of completely restoring my health. My health challenge right now is to maintain weight… still eating some meat… and drinking some coffee… the body paste seem to be like a big giant eraser… of all the acidic foods in ‘regular’ food. If there was any blog I could say was within the top 10 list of anything I could share with you… it is the body paste. I am sharing what I do… if you need to ‘go slow’ because of any major concerns you may have… I’d say use the body paste, on your feet and work your way up… or start with which body parts appeal… there’s definitely an anti-wrinkle effect.  There is also the effect of raising your frequency, since a heavy metal flush will always allow light itself to cycle through your energy bodies…. so this body paste along with a health diet, including regular green drinks or meals is forfront at my efforts to raise my health towards ascension.  It’s nice not getting sick anymore hehe haha yeeeehaaa… can you tell I have health reasons to celebrate this breakthrough… it takes dedication to do this.  So if you feel this info is useful… check out my link…

4 thoughts on “My Experience With The Detox Body Paste (With added MSM)

  1. Thanks!!!! I will definitely add this to my regimen!

    Funny how I was looking for something more to do with detox and here it is!!!!!

    Ask and ye shall receive right 😉

    ~Vanessa Rosswick

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