Dear Company of Heaven: Can you please first identify yourself and then tell me, and the world, what the truth is about Dr. Kathryn May – the one who has been channeling several of you for quite some time now? Thank you.


This Scribe, Aleasha posed the following question

Dear Company of Heaven:

Can you please first identify yourself and then tell me, and the world, what the truth is about Dr. Kathryn May – the one who has been channeling several of you for quite some time now? Thank you.

“It is I, St. Germain, who wishes to come forth to defend my beloved Lady Portia. It grieves me immensely to see her name dragged through the mud like some agent of the cabal, when all she has ever done is to work in service, often without compensation of her time and talent, and often without extrinsic reward for all the work she has done to become a clear channel for our messages we have long wished to offer your planet on a larger scale.

The depth of hurt Kathryn feels from this debacle is immense and her heart grieves for lost relationships. But far, far more than her pain, is her concern that those who relied upon our messages are left floundering and confused, indeed betrayed and hurt, to think that she has “gone dark”, now that several have falsely convinced them that Kathryn, who has always been of the Light, is now “of the dark”, a “fraud”, a “charlatan”.

For it is the listeners who most needed to hear our agenda-free (we sold you nothing) messages of Love and Light – those messages which raised their vibration, and which encouraged them to spread Light and Truth and higher vibrations to others; the “Good News” as it has been called, which they now put into question and feel that they have to now even defend their own credibility to those with whom they, in turn, shared our messages.

Indeed it feels as if the very foundation of everything they thought they knew has crumbled beneath them, and that Kathryn is the one who toppled the structure. Nothing could be further from the truth, both in Kathryn’s actions or channelings, or the actual truth of the channelings which remains as such.

Sadly, the message to the audience that heard that call was cut off before more clarification could have come in future transmissions on that Network to those, and future, listeners. And it was indeed forthcoming Dear Ones, and if Kathryn does not yet know this, we will ask her in the coming days to summarize, or post (if possible), the call in question and we will provide clarification to all that was controversial in the call which began this whole fiasco. And that is how we see it. A fiasco. It was never our intention to place Kathryn in such a position, but it has been a tremendous learning opportunity for each to know, at a minimum, that they should to seek to understand before discarding, to listen with the heart rather than quickly condemning, and to ask for clarification for what one does not understand.

This is, my Beloved Ones, what we mean by discernment. While it can be instantaneous, we would strongly caution anyone to use what may have come instantaneously to THEM – and what is THEIR truth – to project that onto others who may wish to take it into their own heart mind, in their own time, to decide what is truth and what is not, and what to set aside to consider at a later time.

That opportunity was denied ALL listeners, when our beloved Kathryn was immediately banished and condemned, as indeed she has been, by those who are clearly operating from ego in this matter, and from their own PERSONAL discernment which they have effectively, however “unintendedly”, foist upon others who look to them for guidance. Indeed, it sadly reminds us of your Salem Witch Trials where the presumptions of a few were cast like wildfire to the many. You can read in your history books the results of such irresponsible and influential actions.

We are, furthermore, puzzled that, by the same individuals who are shunning and condemning, “discernment” is fervently encouraged, yet it is effectively removed from each individual by their very own proclamations of what Kathryn allegedly “is” or “has become”. Which is, of course, nonsense.

Sadder still, as a result this incident – in which no further messages were “allowed” to be broadcast to the same Network to provide clarification of our transmission – so many have now been dragged down to the depths of despair such that they, most tragic of all, no longer trust their own inner barometer of what truth is. One they had worked so long to cultivate. We disagree that it has been removed, only momentarily forgotten, in the midst of this ongoing campaign (and it has in effect become that, a campaign) as one can NEVER lose their connection to spiritual truth. NEVER! We wish to make that clear.

This incident is a direct result of someone, indeed several someone’s feeling that they were being “attacked” when in fact, new information was emerging in order to make a product with much potential, better – by improving packaging and fine-tuning ingredients which would bring the product into even higher vibration for the benefit of humankind. That was the major contention regarding the “controversial” call. Had they had an actual conversation about this, rather than quickly “rolling up the sidewalk” to their own truths, more information would have been forthcoming about the product in questions, and about Hollow Earth, and others mentioned in that call.

It is sadly amusing to us (yes, we know that is a strange combination of words), that those who spent YEARS with Kathryn and the messages she faithfully delivered on our behalf, could think that all of a sudden, she “switched sides”, was a “double agent” so to speak, and was now spewing, we will use the term Dark Matter, and attempting to take throngs of Lightworkers – those who listened to such messages, with her. In fact, it is so absurd we feel it beneath dignity to address, yet we must, since the campaign continues. To use your texting parlance, we are “SMH” (“shaking my head”), more properly “SOH” (“shaking our heads”) at this most unexpected development. And even more so that it continues.

We are pleased, however, that Kathryn took the “higher road” as it is termed, but now is the time for us to vindicate her since she has refused to do so directly herself. While we understand her feeling that it is not necessary – that the messages speak for themselves – we will tell you we have had enough of mudslinging and wish to clarify our position in this most sensitive matter.

In fact, we wish to share that this very scribe who writes this (she questioned whether we wanted her to write this part, lest it seem she has an agenda (she does not)) telephoned one of the Network program hosts directly to respectfully inform her that a bit of information she projected to the (indeed) millions who listen to the Network calls, was factually incorrect, and perhaps a retraction might be issued since it could cause listeners, especially the caller who asked the question, to misunderstand, and indeed miss an opportunity because of misinformation that was provided (in regard to a particular Prosperity Program) because the host said, in effect, that because the host has not “heard any more about it”, it was, essentially “bunk” – even when indeed this very scribe had just applied and been accepted into the program only days before.

This scribe still listens to all of the shows since she has always used her inner barometer (especially in the last several years) to discern truth, particularly spiritual truth (and does not proverbially “throw the baby out with the bathwater”), and the scribe was surprised that the host never issued a retraction or clarification of the matter, (a Trust) the host erroneously thought was a “wealth building tool” rather than a prosperity program, nor did she note that additional research had been done (or was being done) on the matter for the benefit of listeners who indeed would “qualify” for the program,.

This lack of follow-up disappointed this scribe since she felt that the truth was not told, an easily verifiable truth, and that one did not admit that she did not know the whole truth, that she could have been mistaken, “off a bit” or that she did not know what she was talking about. Yet, is condemning Kathryn for what she believes to be the very same actions.

Kathryn is greatly beloved here in the realms of Heaven, as are each of you, and while she – LIKE EACH OF YOU – is on the path to enlightenment, never claiming perfection, we would urge Lightworkers who tune into the messages we transit through her, to question the (indeed), “attacks” that have taken place upon her and our message, and in fact, the attacks that are continuing to take place upon our Kathryn, and to use your own discernment to determine what you feel, as Tony’s callers would say, “in your heart of hearts” is truth, and ask yourself, individually, “Now who does that make sense to?”.

We want Lightworkers – and all people on your planet – to understand the what comes from Spirit is not always “sunshine and rainbows” and we would caution those who take what you would term a “Pollyanna” approach to what is sometimes uncomfortable spiritual truth, by “plugging their ears and humming” instead of truly trying to understand and shunning and vilifying those whom you so not understand or agree with, and sullying their reputation they have taken a lifetime to build – not from ego, but from a genuine love of humanity and hope for the human race and its Ascension. To do so is a dastardly deed, regardless of intention – since few could not know the impact it has on both the person and their body of work. Indeed they know. But “put it off” as “information for the good of the people” when in fact what they are “removing” from the people is their right to discern. Hence, they removed the links and all of Kathryn’s body of work from their website, stating it was now associated with the “Dark” when what many of the people really want is to decide for themselves. They removed that ability, yet continue to bash, yes, bash, Kathryn, without allowing ANYONE to listen and decide for themselves. Questioning is encouraged by us – bashing (however “nicely” and “with love” is not). This should not be news to anyone.

We would urge Kathryn to, as we heretofore eluded, if it is possible, to obtain her body of work of all of the broadcasts, including the one which sparked such controversy, and post them all on her website and let those who wish to be in their own discernment, decide – in full context of what has been delivered both before and after this now most infamous transmission – what is truth. We understand that Kathryn has a right to her body of work and can properly request that copies of the electronic files be sent to her for this purpose. We would not object to her contacting what we would call a barrister to get advice on this request, or indeed to send it through him or her. This is not meant to be acrimonious but we feel it is most important that the entire body of her work be available to her to post for those who seek to decide for themselves the truth of matters, instead of having a small group decide for them.

After all, is this not in line with exactly what we are doing to help you change your planet in the Now, after wresting control of it from the cabal, alongside you and each soul committed to Light, claiming it back from the true Dark Ones who did this very thing – told you what their version of truth was – for so long?

Again, we ask you, “Who does that make sense to?” And we believe that when you go into your “heart of her hearts”, we would surmise the answer would be, in this case, “all who are in their knowing”.

I Am, Your Beloved St. Germain. I Am With You Always, Especially At This Unique Time Upon Your Planet When Great and Glorious Changes Are Taking Place, and I Say in Closing, Put On Your Party Hats, the Time is Nigh!

Namaste My Beloved Ones, Namaste.

Aleasha A. Lewis, L.M.T.


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