Do You Get Offended…. Shouting Matches… Anger… ?

Do You Get Offended…. Shouting Matches… Anger… ?

Jesus: There is never any need to take offense, even if the one addressing you would like to see you offended. The need to see you offended is his own sense of inadequacy needing shoring up.

By calmly dealing with the issue to resolve it, instead of angrily reacting to an unfair and possibly wounding judgment or comment, you allow the other with whom you are dealing to lower his defences so that the issue can be dealt with creatively and thus resolved.

Often it is very tempting to react, to engage in a shouting match, and if you win it builds up your ego as you delight in the other’s unhappiness and confusion. But that is not a loving way to behave, and if it is your intent to be loving, to engage with the task that you set yourselves before you incarnated, then later on you will feel remorse that you reacted in that fashion, and then you may well engage in angry self-judgment, adding further to your unjustified but deeply felt sense of inadequacy or worthlessness.

So the message today is “Love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself.



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