ISS Just Like Earth… Astronauts Play Soccer… More UFO Flybys

International Spacestation Is Just Like Earth… Astronauts Play Soccer… More UFO Flybys Ho-Hum!

The last intelligent thing to do while spaceships visit our planet, is for our planet to focus on a soccer game…  a soccer game…. any  game…. tiddlywinks even would be just as unfortunate…. soccer.. (shakes head)….. meanwhile, we’ve got company BIG TIME! There are so many ufos around the international space station, they keep turning off the live feed!!!!!!!  Indian in the machine


694,000 results when you search “International space station live feed ufo”…


3 thoughts on “ISS Just Like Earth… Astronauts Play Soccer… More UFO Flybys

  1. I think that there is probably a range of ET/ED civilizations present here, and that some of them aren’t that much more advanced than we are. Like the Tall Whites that I just got back from running a contact op with in Indian Springs, NV. To ET/ED civilizations that are so far advanced from us that their technology for all practical purposes puts them in a different dimension from us. So maybe that’s were some of the ascension material originates from.

  2. Richard Rockefeller, David Rockefeller’s son, just died in a plane crash on Friday the 13th. I don’t know if it was an accident or an internecine murder. I’m a civilian pilot, and I have immediate family who are civilian and military pilots with underground R&D palm print retina scan clearances. I don’t want this to happen to me or people that I’m involved with. I’m not afraid, but I’m also not foolish, and ignoring the warning signs involved in contact work without taking adequate precautions is foolish.

    For some people being a new age light worker or light warrior is the extent of what they want to get involved ET/ED matters. I’ve never been attracted to that. There is probably some truth in the new age movement that pertains to ETs, but the nuts and bolts of it is contact work and ufology.

    Contact work deals with ETs, ships, probes, and interstellar space faring civilizations living on other planets in our galaxy and universe. Whether there are higher dimensional civilizations living on ascended planets in our galaxy and universe remains to be seen. Some people think that there are and that our planet should become one of these. I don’t know if there are or if our planet should become one. So far I’ve seen a lot of proof that there are ETs and interstellar space faring civilizations. I’ve seen very little proof or credible science to support the ascension concept. At this stage most of it falls in the category of unproven or disproven metaphysics, philosophy and pseudoscience.

  3. There’s a lot of stuff that I run across in contact work that I could take pictures, videos and sound recordings of, that I don’t, because there’s so much of that type of material already. What I do document is unique and has a high probability of being non conventional ET/ED or terrestrial black project material, which may also be an ET/terrestrial joint venture.

    At this stage I’ve pretty clearly established interaction with something non conventional, as the bible says: “seek and ye shall find”. Now it’s a matter of taking contact work safely, as much as possible, to the next level with a higher level of interaction and communication.

    Ufology and contact work deals primarily with science and evidence, new age material deals primarily with metaphysics and philosophy. The history of science and law is that a lot of it started with metaphysics and philosophy that was latter developed into law and science. A lot of metaphysics and philosophy has also been subsequently disproven or remains unproven. So it has value, but must be distilled to separate fact from fiction.

    Armed contact work that people like myself, Billy Meier, the US, Russian and some other militaries and security services do, has been the most productive in terms of establishing physical contact with the ET/ED presence in our skies and on our planet that has been here on a daily basis monitoring us throughout this epoch of civilization.

    Using contact to advance an improvement of life here is a binary catalytic task dealing with both the off planet and terrestrial powers that be that don’t currently agree with each other, which is why there is no open normalization of relations between our civilization and non indigenous off planet elements present here.

    The combination of weapons and ETs is something that most people don’t want to be involved with. Some ETs are armed, and contact with any ETs, armed or unarmed, can result in extrajudicial suppression by terrestrial covert armed elements who have a much easier time suppressing unarmed contact with poor security, than they do well armed contact with strong security.

    There are limits as to what a middle class contactee with limited financial resources can achieve in the area of weapons and strong security. This is why the thrust of my contact work is now in transitioning into the upper class and putting the security and weapons in place to be able to work at the same level as government and multinational corporate players involved in the various secret space programs.

    My assumption is that we already have a breakaway civilization that is interacting with ETs on a regular basis both on planet and off. So my challenge is both integrating into this off shoot civilization, either independently or as part of other organizations, and developing the working relationships and resources to bring the rest of our civilization into the interstellar space faring community of civilizations in a safe peaceful manner with extended lifespans on a war, poverty, deprivation and pollution free planet.

    Most ETs probably aren’t interested in establishing any substantive physical contact with terrestrial contactees who are unarmed and are going to be easy prey for negative ETs and terrestrial elements. Which is why I’m assuming that I’ve been able to establish the level of contact and interaction that I have been able to, where most people fail or turn away from when the going gets tough.

    I’m probably going to be buying a Bronco II this coming week that can be used for daily life and on and off road contact and security work, that can be fitted with a stock diesel engine on an as needed basis:

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