Indian in the machine’s Next Adventure? Sharing Ganesh And Lord Shiva Images In India!!!

Photo: Hindu Gods Appeared In North America? Why?

Indian in the machine’s Next Adventure? Sharing Ganesh And Lord Shiva Images In India!!!

Howdy… well seems rather logical doesn’t it? Indian deities from hundreds of years ago… bringing their presence to Alberta…. NOT!… Well, perhaps it makes sense when you consider the ALBERTA TAR SANDS, and the ACTIVE NORTH AMERICAN VOLCANOES…. these deities represent destruction and change… oh well, you might think now… yaaaaawn…. but I’m sure if Yellowstone does something, or a big series of North American/worldwide earthquakes begins, quite a few of you might change your minds and open your hearts.

Well, Alberta isn’t impressed… and I can’t help but feel it’s time to go to India to check it out, and to explain why their deities decided to appear to a north american galactic hippy, rather than one of their millions of holy people.  Perhaps they are too busy ‘doing their thing’?

Trips like this cost mucho money, with added expenses for posters and postcards and travelling with big drum… soooooo, if you visit this site and find value in the offerings here, perhaps you may desire to complete the circle of giving and receiving with a gift/donation.  If you are not finding value here, why are you here?

I highly doubt if I ‘was in it for the money’, I doubt  Archangel Zadkiel and ‘others’, and the sylphs and cloudships, and now Lord Shiva and Ganesh, would be hanging around me. 😉

You can send a Western Union goodiebag to  “Dieter Braun” in Alberta… OR use for Paypal.

Thanks for tuning in! With love and joy… see you with perhaps our halos perceivable, very soon. 😉


IMPORTANT INFO! Hindu Gods, Shiva And Ganesh Appear In Alberta Canada (June 4), Situated Between Yellowstone And Alaska (Both Are Active North American Volcanoes RIGHT NOW!)


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