Golden Age Website, “Galactic Free Press”… Starves For Support…

Golden Age Website, “Galactic Free Press”…  Starves For Support…

“I want to discuss a few things with our readers and give people a chance to add their own input, the first thing being the status of our donations. We’ve had over 50,000 unique individuals visit our site in the past month. Over 50,000, that’s quite a few people! You know how many people have actually donated? 13. 13 generous people out of 50,000. For the mathematically inclined that comes to .026% of our readers.”

IITM:  They have a way better percentage at 0.026%,  than this website…   thanks to the few people out of the hundred thousand or so per month that visit my sites… I’ve mostly stopped talking about the low support from my readers, since it simply results in more criticism and bad energy from my ‘friends’….  People like to make up a reason not to support, that often involves criticizing me, while they sit back in their retirement, their overpriced houses, trust funds, and savings, doing very little.   Even sharing the pages that resonate with people seems to hurt them, as if educating about chemtrails will make them look bad, while saying nothing and doing nothing, apparently makes them look good.  I’m glad I rose to the adventure of my spirit calling me… I’m pretty sure that’s why Lord Shiva and Ganesh have popped by. 😉 Oh well, its all good, I’m thankful for my human angels.


4 thoughts on “Golden Age Website, “Galactic Free Press”… Starves For Support…

  1. Hey, Bro. I was reading that 80 page email/book on the Illuminati. I got through 21 pages and had to leave. I can not find it, I didn’t delete it. Would you kindly resend it? Thank you, and blessings to you. Duste

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  2. HI Love This is MotherGod, While I Love the Family at The Galactic Free Press, I must share what occurred there as it was thriving and i am no longer there, I have since Created another Website Called The Press Fired Me in February and took all the donation money i had raised for awakening sessions ect… to support the Team into the new paradigm. This is just an FYI, as many do not know this truth which occurred. We should be supporting those who support the new paradigm of true family and equality. All our Love MotherGod and The First Contact Ground Crew Team

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