Message from The Galactic Federation of Light~ Its Game Over Transcript

Message from The Galactic Federation of Light~ Its Game Over Transcript


Indian in the machine:  I’ve learned from the GFL not to get excited about anything they post even if it resonates as truth and is hopeful… it might sound like next week, but it could be 20 years from now… nonetheless…”Game over” is heartening… and of course, we see no evidence of that… that’s how it goes…

Greetings Love Beings This is Mother God and The First Contact Ground crew Team, Here in Beautiful Crestone, Coe where the Co Creation of The New earth is beginning. We are At your Service in these Miraculous, Amazing, and exciting times. We can Successfully say WE DID IT! Game is Over, and so we must be moments away from some surprise Events. A s this planet is returned back to the people as was decreed.

Message from The Galactic Federation of Light

Greetings andlots of Love from The Galactic Federation of Light. We continue to have exciting energy movement about our swift arrival and appearance amongst you. The energy for this to occur is almost complete.We are also about to complete the Divine Intervention for Mother Earth and Her Children. We are arriving to you as long lost aspects of your self, we are true family and this willbe apparnt to you. We are arriving to eHumanity to assist in a new way of Living and being which is out of the old paradigm of power over and into the Real Reality of Power with and True Equality. These changes are inevitble and will be an effortless transition as requested By Mother earth To the Galactic Federation of Light and All Star Nations who have also Responded. This is also a response from Humanitys Prayers to assist them out of the illusion. These will all be fulfilled irt is truly end game, as Your Mother Earth, The Heart of this Universe took her rightful place, as the Queen of this Universe as she is The Mother of Creation and also witth you in physical manifestion.  As this occurred which has taken place in the last 24 hours intense energies of Pure Love came pouring in to the Plnaet to prepare for our arrival. a and this energy will continue in intensity. Your Mother is More then you cane  now imagine, however all of Humanity is about to Remember. She arrived here soley by all of your prayers. She and many others stood bravely  at the front lines to bring the new paradigm energy to the point of no return and this was successful. All which has been promised 
to you will be fulfilled as the result of their completion of breaking through the matrix which opened the doors to us. know we are here, and all is getting ready and in position. Your Star Family is returning and a New beginning is at hand. Our Love for all of your is Grander than you can concieve and our reunion after a very long moment is finally here. 

Reheart You to let go of all expecations, Thank You for Being Love and Sending Love to Crestone right now.

End Transmission in Love Everywhere Present, Heaven On Earth The New Story In Creation Based On Truth, Unconditional Love, True Equality, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Wholeness of Being, Joy and True Abundance!

Victory for the Light Has Occurred! Love and Truth WIN!

We  Love You, Love The First Contact Ground Crew Team