Is Your Life Changing Faster and Faster With Ever-Expanding Awareness?

Is Your Life Changing Faster and Faster With Ever-Expanding Awareness?

Thanks for being that ‘one candle’ and for connecting with other candles…  keep focusing on what brings you joy, lessening doubt and self-limitation, until it manifests before your being with more ‘instantaneousness’… to live a life of distraction in these high energies, is like swerving a car down the highway going real fast…to be focused with wisdom, power and love with these high energies, is like riding a spaceship real fast…. are you regularly entering new situations with ease and grace?  Are you living life like it’s one planet or star system one day, and perhaps another star system the next week or month, and so on? Are you bending time in a linear time world?  Remember… you came to earth knowing this reality would dissolve into nothingness… .no facebook… no roads…. no wifi…  there is nothing outside ourselves to acquire… we assume our power with heart… we assume our passion to live… we assume our fullest presence on our greatest desires for the greater good of all… anything that is, ‘joy’ is within the Divine plan… we ‘know’… the invisible inner doorway to the golden magic, is within the heart… we experimented with  our human limitations…. now we experiment with remembering our soul unlimitations… it’s a delicate, beautiful and important time for all… everything matters after all…  Love, Indian



mother mary


Mother Mary:


Hello Sweet Ones. I come before you and within you today to bring sweet refrains of Love Essence that you are delving into and refining ever so much. I bow to your essence as you bow to mine and together we mesh in sweet abundance of Love everlasting.

Come with me now as we go deeper into your Love Essence, into your sweet all-encompassing abundantly-aware LOVE, for you are ready now to go deeper and to own more of your essence, your sweet essence of LOVE everlasting.

The fabric of your life is changing, dear ones. You can feel it, I am sure. You have entered a new sojourn, a new level of refinement. Have you noticed, dear ones, that you are more refined in your capture of your Love Essence?

What you once thought was only possible to feel in the presence of ascended beings is yours for the taking and experience now, for you have refined yourselves ever so much.

This has taken much work on your part. Yet it has been a “labor of love”, has it not? Feel the softness of your energy now. Feel the depths of it. Feel the sweet delicate texture of it as you float within, and upon, and in, and with LOVE.

This is your signature now. You have reached the core of your essence. To stay there is another matter. For refinement of this new presence of yourselves will take steady dedication and persistence and determination to stay there.

But you are all so capable, dear ones. We are within all your hearts helping you refine your essence – As you breathe your essence into deeper being.

You touch Source with your deep reverence of yourselves and others. You touch it and enfold it and it is becoming a sustaining part of you all.

My dear ones, your excellent deliverance of your true nature in your constant discarding of the old paradigm is revealing for you new vistas and new feelings and new possibilities. Take it on its wing and fly with it dear ones.

I am your mirror in excellence, in Divine Excellence, as you breathe in your True Self, breathe it into being with all your acceptance of yourself, with all the Love for yourself and for others.

Beauty is there for the taking and for the realizing, dear ones. You are its maker and its keeper and you live within a new milieu now. Can you feel it? It may seem different and a little disconcerting because you cannot quite always put your finger on it. But allow it to grow and flourish within you by your capture of your Now Moment and Now Essence in complete and total LOVE.

By now you are beginning to realize that we in the Celestial Realm are just a refined element of you. So continue to cast off those pieces of duality you have been wearing, and feel the refinement and the sweet essence of your angelic and galactic nature.

You have entered a new phase, so please keep going with it, even when you don’t know where it is going, for you are indeed arriving Home.

All my love is yours,

Mother Mary


©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, beautiful synchronicity and this notice and links are included.



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