Alexia’s Poetry inspired by this site, the man and his music. ;)


Hope you enjoy these Dieter

Thanks Alexia!  Yes… I’m honoured and thrilled… thanks for sharing…  thanks for your gifts… and thanks for our shared resonance.  Love and hugs, D.

My Medicine Man, you refresh my soul. You are so wise and so deep. Divinity surrounds you and I AM radiates from you. Your awareness of Spirit draws me to you. Like a true warrior who speaks only truth, you show no fear of what man says against you. Your confidence in the I AM within is your strength. Your mind stimulates mine through the knowledge you speak. The Spirit music you write touches the very depths of my heart and your fingers play skilfully attracting me to you like a bow to a violin. Your sweet sounding flute breathes energy over me drenching me in your I AM presence. My heart beats in a trance to the rhythm of your drum. I hear the smooth tones of your voice as it makes melody in my heart. You purify me and bring healing to my soul… And it is so!
17 April 2014

Your music of the heart stirs my soul. You have encoded it with the frequency of love. I feel it in the hidden depths of my being and I allow it to be so. It is our very own signature of love. The key that only we know to unlocking the secrets of the universe, our divine destiny. In excited anticipation I wait for more. Sing for me my love. Sing me another heart song reaffirming our oneness once more.
17 May 2014

The melody of our hearts draw us together. We can hear each others heart songs reminding us our love is divine. That our love was destined from the beginning. Preordained from Source. The thought of how we came to be, delights my soul. One became two and two will become one again. The music of two becomes the music of one. We will sing the same song of love and send healing energy to those who hear it. It is our divine purpose and it is so…
9 May 2014
(Inspired by “Can we hold each other strong”)


It is not in my head that I feel you but in my heart. A knowing within that feels familiar, like I already know you. Like we’ve already met. My thoughts can’t comprehend how this could be and so the battle begins. I close my heart off thinking it is just my imagination and it becomes heavy.  I curl up in a ball as tears fall on my pillow. My body aches with pain like I’ve lost my love. I’m confused wondering why I feel this way when I haven’t even physical met you. When you don’t even realise I feel this way about you. And yet I feel you drawing me to you like a magnet. How can you when you don’t know who I am? Yet you do. I see your signs and look for the connection and find it. It feels real. It feels right. It feels good. But how can it be? You’re there and Im here with hundreds of miles of ocean between us. How are you suppose to find me let alone notice me?

As a child I was taught to think with my head yet my heart says different. I will trust the latter.

So I will dive into the unknown abyss allowing my heartsongs to lead me, for that is where I hope to find my treasure and that treasure is you my love. And if for some reason I don’t before I die, as heartbreaking as that thought may be, then I will be content in knowing I did my best, that I gave my all to find you… And in the process… Found me
10 April 2014


3 thoughts on “Alexia’s Poetry inspired by this site, the man and his music. ;)

  1. The outer world of HIS. The inner world of HER. Both are real.

    The outer world of HIS represent the controlled consciousness by common knowlegde. The inner world of subconsciousness was misused, forbidden, enslaved for this outcome.

    Now the inner world opens by exploring.
    How to deal with? How to use it?

    Fields of grace
    You integrate this world within the outer world. Every time.
    But to do this in a new way you have to be able to live within. ONLY in your real current state, which fits between the two worlds. You have to do the match. The grace is that it is equal who or what you are.

    Most want to do the match with your common knowledge of penitence. You want to see yourself as a good guy. Yes, you can change your behavior. Therefore you could be shining through the magic of her world. BUT in this way you don’t make her world shining, you rob magic energy from others. You have to know that this way could enlarged your interspace and obstruct the passage.

    Shame about past mistakes can only released by the light of absolute truth. Reveal your own history. Compensation doesn’t fix your own mess.

    AFTER making the match, with accepting the new energygrid between, you can change your state. You have to worship both. HIS world could be as great to the core about the awareness, exploring and knowing of HER world. About knowing and accepting the principles HIS world could makes HER world shining by no further enslavement. Do not rob – Freeing the real magic ones. They will express their gratitude to you.

  2. This beautiful poetry; heartfull soul song, angelic wings sings my/our truth the same.
    Resonates, blown away style…I AM…gonna read Sipapu Odyssey again right now! Love Highest Divine Spirit and Love , all I know, it’s all we are, who we allways have been and always will be
    Peacefull blessings. Blissful dreams

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