Is Cancer Funding Gig Is Up!? Yup! Canadians Shun Canadian Cancer Society, For Cannabis Oil

Is Cancer Funding Gig Is Up!?  Yup! Canadians Shun Canadian Cancer Society, For Cannabis Oil

Dear world,
I couldn’t help but smile as I noticed the comments from facebook readers, regarding the Canadian Cancer Society’s add on Facebook, asking for yet more money…. as if we the people have seen results from them regarding cancer…. no… do they even mention Cannabis oil?
On their website the Canadian Cancer Society says this about marijuana:
Marijuana and cancer 

Some evidence suggests long-term use of marijuana can lead to cancers of the head, neck, lung and throat. However, the quality of this research is not as strong or as comprehensive as the evidence on tobacco and cancer.

Read more:






WHY WOULD CANADAN CANCER SOCIETY IGNORE CANNABIS OIL? – This is weird considering no one I have heard of has gotten cancer from marijuana LET ALONE SMOKING IT… MARIJUANA DOESN’T CAUSE CANCER IT APPEARS TO CURE IT RATHER EFFECTIVELY… there are many ways to get the cannabis oil into the body…. for the Canadian Cancer Society to focus solely on ‘smoking’ hazards, is downright misleading… considering they are supposedly ‘SEARCHING FOR THE CURE’.

So while the cancer societies look for the cancer cure, it seems the people are taking matters into their own hands… cannabis oil is what comes u most in the comments from people responding to requests for funding for the cancer research society…. read the comments reposted below with names removed, and one is separated by a space.

Indian in the machine

Support people just like Alison, who are fighting cancer every day.

The commitment and generosity of our donors enable us to achieve our mission by funding leading cancer research all across Canada, and making a difference in the lives of all Canadians affected by cancer.
  •  We do not need a cancer society… people need to learn to eat and live cleanly again and call THAT progress.


  • My husband is fighting cancer and it is a fight for his life as well. Please support the Canadian Cancer Society, we need all the help we can get.


  • Cancer Is a billion dollar business. They’re never going to cure it. I’ve had cancer myself and I will never donate anything to the cancer society.


  • ummm, with all due respect, people have been wasting billions of dollars donating to cancer research when there has many several natural cures for cancer that millions have used to cure there own cancer? Why would I support something that blatantly looks the other way when the CURE is right in front of your eyes….oh wait, it’s natural and you can’t patent it…I forgot.


  • Cannabis oil!!


  • Pharmaceutical company’s don’t creat cures, they creat customers , when u donate to charities like this ur feeding a monster


  • I would like to know what percentage of funds raised goes towards PREVENTION (vice big pharma, researching expensive designer drugs for profit, administrative costs, etc). The last time I checked, The Canadian Cancer Society only spent 10% on preventio…See More


  • Tell your government to stop poisoning your food, water, and air = cure for cancer.


  • I raised almost $1100 dollars and shaved my head, I have some family members fighting their own battle right now. Bless all the survivors, the ones still fighting and the ones who have lost their battle.


  • Aware people dominating…..LOVE IT! I am not donating anything to cancer they have had the cure for years and they know the causes. Stop killing people cancer society!


  • I fought cancer and I never got help from cancer agency.I honestly dont believe its funding to pay for a cure.Its funding to pay their morgage and look at samples daily


  • With all the MILLIONS of dollars going into cancer research and all that…why can’t the cancer society use more of that money for the patients? The cancer society are a bunch of scammers. They will never see a single dollar from me. If people want to help… donate directly to the patients so you know that they are getting the money !!!


  • Sorry I only donate to local charities. At least this way my money helps my community and not some CEO’s 6 or 7 figure salary.


  • I will never donate to cancer which is sad because my whole family died of cancer… I believe they have a cure for cancer & won’t release


  • Ok Cancer is the thing of the past or it would have been if the USA Government would release the cure for it…. We have a cure for Cancer and aids but will not be released to the public cause it’s not profitable and to help control the population gro…See More


  • so sad that all the money donated goes directly to the pharmaceutical industry… so they can create a new DRUG to sell back to government and make millions out of it. THE REAL CURE WILL NOT BE SOME CHEMICALS THAT KILLS EVERY CELLS IN OUR BODIES AND …See More


  • Before you donate, do actual research. You have the internet, use it.


  • This makes me proud, to see so many people waking up to the big load of BS this society and all teh societies like it are. They know what’s causing cancer (Modern Day Chemicals and how they interact with us). As for the cure (Debatable) but definitely …See More


  • You people are fools when will you wake up cancer is simply a vitamin deficiency cannabis oil and vitamin b17 found in seeds will destroy it they demand your money and they are getting what they want!! Wake up


  • Where is the Cancer Society when it comes to identifying causes of cancer from, for instance, glyphosate (RoundUp), Fracking, Tar Sands, forced fluoridation, cell phones, smart meters, etc. etc. Withdraw support from the Cancer Industry.


  • Donate for what? They have found more than enough viable cures maybe they need money for lawyers and law suits to force the production of them.
    Hey heres a good idea put some of the$$$into cannibis oil research! Get the word out make it naturally and readily available to these people rather than all those chemical filled chemo and radiation treatments that make them sick! Stay open minded peop…See More


  • I love it. The majority of people who posted here are truth speakers. I don’t see too many still being fooled by the big lie. Guess what? The gig is up. It’s only a matter of time till the money hungry bastards are gone. Oil cures cancer period.


  • Cannabis cures. Stop the propaganda. Chemo has same chance as not doing anything.


  • i can never support your cause……I feel like there is a cure and cancer being used for population control..think of how many a year die from this ..if it wasn’t the world would be so over populated…..btw, thanks for letting my mom die in my arms w…See More


  • i do feel sorry for the people that have this man made disease, what we all do not realize is that the corporations have learned the art of keeping the population down and making money at the same time. we should be spending more money on preventing ca…See More



  • Marijuana cures cancer


  • 60 grams of cannabis oil will cure your cancer give nothing to the cancer society it’s a business run on lies they have the cure
      Canabis oil!!!!


  • cannabis oil! try it! organic food try it!


  • they have the cure ok they won’t give it out to nobody at all they say it cost to much


  • Cancer is terrible. I give directly to people I know going thru it. I will not give one cent to cancer society after helping a friend. Started with fundraising to help with rent to 5000 every 2/weeks for chemo. No one should need to worry about that when in the fight of your life.


  • Gerson Therapy: This treatment is based on juicing raw fruits and vegetables, and lots of it. One freshly squeezed juice every hour on the hour. By flooding your body with nutrients and digestive enzymes from the raw foods, you are strengthening your i…See More


  • Also a very aggressive way to have population control


  • Cancer society doesn’t want to find a cure. They want money for treatment only. Scammers


  • Buffyandmike Barrieau its sad that the cancer society & government are more worried about their pockets then people’s lives.. Makes it even worst that my 98% of my family died with the horrible illness & I still can’t give to cancer..I believe with all my heart that they have a cure
    I give to any other Society but not cancer, I work to hard to hand them my money to put in their pockets
    My husband had cancer and the Cancer Society would never get my money, people donate your money directly to the person, not the society. Very few Cancer patients get help from the Cancer Society


  • You want to help??? When someone gets cancer , you support the person yourself. To pay their rent or mortgage while unable to work so they don’t lose their shirts. Do fundraising for individual families. Never to the cancer society.


  • My mom fought breast cancer for 10 yrs before it took her in jan 2012, the government is a joke, they just pump people full of stuff that destroys them, get all kinds of money, i believe they have a cure but wouldn’t keep getting all the money they do, my thoughts and prayers are with all those fighting, lets kick cancers butt!!!


  • How have they not found a cure with all the billions of dollars donated to research? I feel the cure has been found but is being hidden because of all the money they make off cancer treatment.


  • the biggest pyramid scam ever !!! non profit eh ? Hmmm do tell how much did the ceo earn last year ? go ahead take your time


  • This isn’t the place to bash the Canadian Cancer Society, have sympathy for all the victims out there who are fighting for their lives, let’s pray for Alison and all the other people fighting for their lives, take your concerns to government and the pharmaceutical companies out there because we know a cure is out there, it takes time to fight this fight but it is easy to sit in your chairs and talk the big talk….


  • It makes no sense to poison a body with a severely weakened immune system with toxic chemicals that is in need of the healthy basics – clean, whole food, clean drinking water, fresh air & lots of rest.


  • Oh, and your money goes to killing innocent anim…See More

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