This IS The “Red Pill”…ET Commander Explains The Delay In First Contact (To Allow For Mass Ascension) Is Ending

This IS The “Red Pill”…ET Commander Explains The Delay In First Contact (To Allow For Mass Ascension) Is Ending

Dear world

According to the galactics in previous messages… that align with the Ashtar message(reposted below)… the delays in ‘what was supposed to happen on Dec. 21 2012′ are due to a ‘change in plans’ to allow for a ‘mass ascension’. What this may mean is that all who reside on mother earth’s surface will be continuing to go through a strong personal and collective energy clearing until only love remains… so if you cannot handle ‘only love and nothing but’ you will not be on the surface of the planet… either your body will have perished from the high gamma radiation of the photon belt, or you will have been physically removed to an alternative reality or hologram planet (these ones won’t notice the difference, since they don’t really notice most of what is happening around them, and are happy to go to work, pay taxes, and basically live as an unknowing slave, who can only repeat what they are told, in a ‘cookie cutter’ existance)…. if that sounds farfetched… what sounds even more far-fetched to me, is that nothing will change on our planet… which is an untruth, since everything is in constant change…. nothing in Creation stays the same. 

*For your personal ascension it is very important to eat ‘light’ foods over the heavy foods… and of course lots of water will help… as Ashtar mentions, we are in a rebuilding process… a clearing process… a process of re-alignment. If you eating things like wheat, starch, canola, corn and other hybridized foods, expect your health to be messed up until you eat foods that are truly in harmony with your body and being.

Thank you for being a conscious participant in the mass ascension, rather than to put your energy into mindless distractions, and then wonder why you have no clue what is going on in the world… that we can create a planet of restored beauty and harmony IF ONLY WE CAN FOCUS ON WHAT WE WANT RATHER THAN WHAT WE DO NOT WANT… it takes a balance of our will and spirit to ascend… towards a quantum moment, where all will change in the blink of an eye.

To add to the drama of it all… the entire multiverse is now watching earth, to see how we take this planet from sure destruction, to pure light… “in the blink of an eye”…  

If you want to know the reason for all the distractions… the tits and ass… the dirty music videos… the false flags… the barrage of special effect movies etc… it is to prevent the news of the ascension… this IS the ‘red pill’…

Indian in the machine

Check out other Ashtar messages… do your research… do not expect an ‘authority’ figure (including me) to tell you if Ashtar is real or not… that would be ‘sheep’ mentality.


With thanks to Petra for the translation from German to English
Ashtar Speaks: Update on the Present Clearing Process. Channelled by Philipp. May 13, 2014.

There are times where the work you are doing is demanding that we ‘leave you alone’. In this phase, where your bodies are dealing with major adjustments, it would be counter-productive to keep you busy with additional tasks.

Every one of you is going through major changes. During April you experienced for yourself how intensive this clearing was.
The outpouring of energies upon you has affected your bodies in rather the same way as with nature following a thunderstorm. You have probably noticed that after a storm the sun seems brighter, the air purer and that everything is more in harmony. And, just as in the aftermath of a thunderstorm, everything that needed to be cleared is transformed and dissolved.

This ‘thunderstorm’ was especially heavy, as you yourselves have experienced, and the clearing process has not yet finished. The only absolute term in the Universe is that changes are happening.

However, the Divine Plan is proceeding like clockwork. Those who have doubts are still focussing too much on the outer symptoms of this clearing. Whoever claims that there are no outward signs of what we are telling you here, even though this is not true, might like to look in the mirror and compare themselves with the person they were a few months ago – switch off your brain and concentrate on your heart.

The best indication of your progress is that you are unceasing in your efforts to make the world a better place for All That Is, and you are progressing tirelessly, irrespective of how exhausting your journey may appear at times. And so it is, Dear Ones – you agreed to follow the path of All That Is. You are the Wayshowers that have been chosen to pave the way for the human Collective.

The Tsunami of Love is in full flow and you are ready to receive the major wave. And here we would like to remind you that this major wave is not coming from outside – it is beginning and developing inside you. Open your heart to the Tsunami of Love and you will be totally prepared for the arrival of this major wave that is in its final approach and will clear you at the right time.

As we have said, the Tsunami of Love is a forerunner of your Ascension – it is preparing you for your Ascension with your physical body. And if you would like to know just where you are at this present time in the process of Ascension, then let us give you this picture:

Imagine that you are standing in front of a huge, bright portal of absolute beauty. This portal is flooded with gentle, lovely music and total peace. You are directly in front of it, and your hand is on the handle that opens the door of the portal. All that stops you from pressing the door handle are the last transformations within you, which still have to be resolved to be able to receive what is ready for you beyond the portal.
So you see, you are more than close to your destination. Don´t ease off in your process of clearing which will enable you to pass through the portal. As tiresome as it may seem to be, without this clearing process passage through the portal cannot take place.

Spirit´s Plan for Humanity is implemented – nothing has changed this, neither the present unrest in your world nor your Free Will.

Your Free Will is the most precious commodity that you have received from Spirit and it is, to all who are taking part in the process of the Ascension of the human Collective, holy and surely not to be violated.

But it is not only the uplift of humanity that is dependant upon your Ascension – your Ascension has an effect on the whole Universe. Therefore, your Free Will is holy as a part of the Ascension but it can not and must not lead to the situation where the Divine Plan is not implemented. Your Free Will is considered insofar as it is compatible with the Divine Plan.

Is it possible to adjust and to modify the Divine Plan by your willpower? Of course – as long as it is compatible with the Plan, as happened when humanity decided to ascend collectively. Spirit has considered your collective – not individual – Free Will and has agreed that humanity will ascend together, so the Divine Plan was adjusted accordingly.

But there was a clear agreement relating to the conditions for this adjustment:

First of all, it should not mean that Gaia and her inhabitants have to stay much longer in the lower vibrations. Please remember that it was Gaia herself who asked for help and who initiated the ‘Ascension’ project. Furthermore that your Ascension is affecting the whole Universe, and it is the pioneer for the Ascension of other planets in your Universe. For this reason the ‘waiting period’ was deliberately concise.

A further condition is that the individual Free Will of a few can no longer affect the Collective Free Will. Herewith we are referring to those who for some reason do not want to take part in the Ascension, be it for keeping the status quo and not losing their power, or because they have planned their Ascension for a later time.

This is important to understand – the dark forces can have no more influence on your Ascension. This is the reason why we are tirelessly pointing out that you should not allow any of their actions to prevent you from focussing on your Ascension work. Send them Light and Love, and do not forget that they are also players in the game called Life.

In a nutshell we wish to say that everything is well. We are immensely proud of you and how you are participating in this endgame. Please do not let your trust weaken, and when you have any doubts get in contact with your brothers and sisters ‘behind the curtain’. Ask us for strength and help – you are never alone, not for one single moment. This is the most important fact to remember again and again.

I am Ashtar your Star brother, who is talking to a number of souls on this side of the curtain. And it is a great pleasure and honor for me to be this Ambassador.
In deepest Love

Ashtar Speaks via Philipp: Update on the Present Clearing Process « Golden Age of Gaia.


4 thoughts on “This IS The “Red Pill”…ET Commander Explains The Delay In First Contact (To Allow For Mass Ascension) Is Ending

  1. Difference in mind

    Spectrum of dimensions
    The most of us try to find identifikation with living in a cult or anti-cult. If you are only understand yourself about beeing within the many cults – you are within a closed world and what you are original be is lost.

    You can go above this spectrum and therefore live with all (same as with no) and with many new (other dimensions). With strong intend you can live conjoined with cults (identify for a moment or periode) but never forget yourself. Never give a cult the permission to put you in their pocket. This is the way to make the world whole for yourself with no seperations about human created cults of mind and matter.

    Find yourself in all and nothing. Take the barriers of cults away.

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