Have You Ever Felt You Are Not From Earth? Take This Questionnaire, And See If You Are A 1 In 20 Wanderer

Have You Ever Felt You Are Not From Earth? Take This Questionnaire, And See If You Are A 1 In 20 Wanderer

From David Wilcox

Part of reincarnation is learning to accept and forgive your situation. After all, each lifetime is an opportunity to learn new lessons. As we move further along in the ascension, a greater number of advanced beings are being born into human bodies. They are called wanderers and you may be one of them. David Wilcock explains why the wanderers are reincarnating on Earth and introduces the Wanderer Questionnaire in this presentation originally webcast April 7, 2014.

Instructor/Host: David Wilcock
Audio Language: English

Indian in the machine:  This is a very good video… and David has very good insights… the questionnaire within this video is very intriguing. Let’s just slip right comfy into the rabbit hole and see that David Wilcox is Edgar Casey returned… so listen to what he has to say… it’s another gooder!

We are in a process where people are waking up to our “ET heritage”.

No one is from earth.

Souls do not have a physical origin.

Our essence beyond the physical, is pure Light.

Remember this… you agreed to ‘drop down’ in lower frequency, to live as an earthling going through a hopeless state of being… from there each soul can agree to ‘raise your frequency’ and in the process, may find out that much of what you believed to be true, is false…. and the truth is what was believed to be false.

If you are struggling with thinking with your heart… please feel free to open your arms… to activate more heart energy… read the internet with open arms… with your heart giving and receiving information.

We learn to share less of what others hope to create that is against Divine will, and more of what we feel that resonates with Divine Will.

To know more of your role in the Divine Plan… a life must be lived more heart-centred.

The track that goes with this posting is track #1 “Doorway Of New Light”… listen now.

Truth stranger than fiction perhaps… but not fiction.

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