A Message of Love from St. Germain, Sananda/Jesus and Prime Creator



A Message of Love from St. Germain, Sananda/Jesus and Prime Creator

St. Germain:Yes, Beloved Ones, the portal to Ascension is indeed in your heartminds.  Your attention to the Harmonic Ascension Portal for all has focused your attention on your wish to be of service and your wish to ascend as soon as possible.  This is a success.

We have encouraged you often by giving you specific tasks, or by showing you how we create – by envisioning a thing done, we make it happen.  You are learning this as you come closer and closer to your own ascension, as the veil is lifting and you raise your consciousness to anticipate the glorious fulfillment of our Dream.

I am in love with you.  You are brilliant Lights, determined souls who have worked together throughout the eons to make this great Ascension happen.  Now you will complete your part of this marvelous project by rising to meet us in higher dimensions.

You are all wondering how to ascend, what you have to do to accomplish it.  I can reassure you that there is nothing more you have to learn, nothing you have to build, and nothing you can study that will help you to ascend.  The feelings of exhilaration, ecstasy, gratitude and bliss are the leavening which will help you rise through the portal into our open arms.

Although the preparation may have taken years to accomplish – creating in yourself the state of love, mindfulness and deep awareness of your own thoughts, feelings and actions – the moment when you ascend is, and must be, an effortless moment.  It is that moment of complete peace and joy when all is well, all is carefree, that you can release yourself to fly, as naturally as a hawk on the wind.

I await you with open arms and my heart filled with joy,

Your St. Germain


It is Easter Sunday today in the Western world.  For many years, the people who have been influenced by Christianity have celebrated this as the day I ascended to higher dimensions.  This is all right with me, since it is a celebration of life, not death, and it recognizes the truth that I did ascend in my body, just as all of you are preparing to do.

As I have told you in The New Scriptures, I intended to teach the lesson that we are all One, connected to our Creator.  It was not my special privilege to be the Son of God.  You are all children of God, just as I am.  You are all precious in his/her eyes, just as I am, and you will all ascend in your bodies as I did.

There will be no death, no funerals and no mourning this time.  It is the end of the glorious project we have worked on together, and the beginning of a new era of celebrating together in joy, in perfect Love and harmony.

You have asked:  “What is ascension, and how am I going to accomplish it?”  It will surprise you to know that my ascension – or resurrection, as they called it then – happened after I had been comforted and healed of my wounds by those who loved me.  This healing, and the great Love I felt from my beloved Mother, my wife Mary Magdalene and my dear friends, lifted my heart and filled me with joy.  I felt truly blessed to be so loved, and to know that I had completed my work here in that lifetime.  It was then that I flew on the wings of Joy, back to the loving arms of my Creator.

I had hoped my example would be used to show the way for others to know that ascension is a natural process, one which can be experienced by anyone whose heart is filled with Love.  For me, it was the culmination of loving service to my fellow humans – a satisfying life lived among those I loved deeply.  I came to bring the word of God’s love, and to show others how fulfilling a life with God’s constant presence could be.

It was not a complete success because the message I wished to bring was submerged beneath imposed restrictions, rules and dictates which the religious hierarchy imposed in their strenuous efforts to control and profit from the hard work of the people.  I did not proclaim myself to be a priest, or expect to be worshipped.  I simply wished to tell the story of our Creator, who is Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Empathy and Wisdom.  Creator does not punish nor judge.  We are free to explore, learn and then return to the loving arms of those who guide and oversee our life here on Mother Earth.

Now I have the chance to correct the misunderstandings which were taught under the name of “Christianity” – a religion designed for mass consumption as much as any fast food.  Strict adherence to all the laws which are currently taught under the guise of modern Christianity will leave you as ill as a steady diet of super-sized junk food.  It is an impossible program of self-hatred, contempt for the most precious of human traits, and hatred of those whose beliefs do not match exactly the pre-packaged, glossy promises of the false but very profitable teachings of those I think of as ego-obsessed, pretentious “preachers.”

Here is my simple lesson to help you follow your hearts:  Good lessons leave you smiling.  Really good lessons leave you laughing, and the best lessons make your heart sing with Joy and recognition.  God is laughter.  God is Joy.  God exists in the giggles of a child and the sighs of a lover.  A mother who feeds her family with love is doing God’s work, as is the junkman whose song makes the children dance with joy.

There is great magic in a life well lived.  Only now, after the departure of the Dark Ones, are you all awakening to the great possibilities for happiness that exist all around you.  You are newly discovering what children have always known – that elves and fairies do indeed exist, and that the trees around you carry wisdom and the memory of Earth’s history in their combined consciousness.  Mother Earth herself has at last been able to reach into your unconscious mind to tell you of her Love and dedication to the care and nurturing of her beloved beings of Light – human, animal, plant and mineral – all under her loving care, even as they defiled and misused her.

The song of the whale and the dolphin have broken through into your awareness, and you are observing the expressions of friendship across species as never before.  Does a snail feel love?  Of course it does.  Does a dog remember its human friend after death?  Indeed it does.  Is there life after death?  Beloved Ones, there is no death; there is only life everlasting.  Have you lived before?  Of course.  All is consciousness; all life emerges from the consciousness of Love which is Creation.  Once created, there is no end.  You, Beloved One, go on.

Let us go on together.  This is the time for celebration and joining as One.

I am Sananda, and I love you without end.

Prime Creator:

I can only applaud the eloquent words of my beloved Messengers, Sananda and St. Germain, and I thank our dear channel, Kathryn, for her tireless dedication in bringing you our messages, clearly, without question or doubt.  Many times we have used this process to bring you information which may have seemed incomplete or contradictory to you.  This is an inevitable part of the process which does not allow us to show you what we see because you are blind behind the Veil.  We provide you with knowledge and wisdom in parts, as you are able to absorb it, and we wait while you argue it amongst yourselves, digest it and then show you are ready for more.

It could not be otherwise, Dear Humankind.  It was your wish when you helped to design this life that you be tested completely.  Your ingenuity is boundless; your plots and dramas bear the mark of genius.  Now it is time, Beloved Ones, to take credit for your genius and to accept the congratulations and celebration due you.  You have “survived” your own mystery play; you have awakened to the truth that your Dream, even when it appeared to be a nightmare, was of your own making.

Now it is time to put away the instruments of your own suffering and join with Us in creating the great uplifting of spirits which will create Ascension for all of humankind and your friends and neighbors, the animals, insects and plants.  The stars are aligning to create energies not felt on Earth since the beginning of Time.  Time, by the way, was one of those ingenious tools which has allowed you to feel urgency – often misused as worry, of course, but useful nevertheless.

Now, allow that urgency of time passing to fade into the past, as you acknowledge that there are indeed transitions, turning points in the Cosmos, and you are a part of that great whole.  It is your turn now, Humankind, to realize the fulfillment of your promise to yourselves, that you would one day return to Paradise to enjoy the fruits of your long lifetimes of suffering and toil as the prisoners of a self-imposed Darkness.

You have shaken off many of those anti-life principles which created your psychological prison.  Complete that process now by leaving behind all negative thinking, analyzing and questioning.  It only leads to fear, and fear was the creation of the Dark Ones.  Allow yourselves the perfect vacation from doubt and fear.  Instead, let your hearts lift you into the state of perfect Love, as I pour my adoring, admiring Love into your hearts and souls, that you may feel your perfection as I do.

Indulge yourselves, Beloved Ones, in the laughter which shakes your belly and creates waves of pleasure radiating outward to tickle others.  Dance with a skip in your step, and sing your song of Joy as the wren lifts its voice to celebrate the new day.  It is your time, your triumph and your new life which begins today.

I love you beyond words,

Your Loving Creator

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, April 20, 2014, 11:30 am, High Falls, NY

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org


4 thoughts on “A Message of Love from St. Germain, Sananda/Jesus and Prime Creator

  1. The supremacy code & codex

    Es ist Zeit, um einige Geheimnisse zu lüften und bestehende Hindernisse aus dem Weg zu räumen.

    Um die Welt und Euch besser zu verstehen hier ein paar Grundlagen.
    Zur Beschreibung verwende ich den Begriff Matrix. Die derzeit wahrgenommene Matrix besteht aus einem grundlegenden Original Layer und einem durch Zivilisation konstruierten Layer (Blueprint).
    Der Blueprint gleicht derzeit einer ‘man made hell’.

    Wodurch ist der Original Layer gekennzeichnet?
    Man könnte ihn vergleichen mit einer natürlichen Ordnung, die in einem Rudel vorherrschen würde. Diese natürliche Ordnung basiert auf der höchsten Ebene der Kooperation. Auf dieser Ebene sind alle Dinge nützlich (z.B. wird Konfrontation zum Lernen genutzt). Jeder interagiert mit dieser Ebene, da hier alle miteinander verbunden sind und viele Mechanismen automatisch ablaufen (Gedanken fliegen). Z.B. positivste Art des Gerichtes ist Gericht über sich selbst. Schüler und Lehrer finden sich und arbeiten fruchtbar zusammen indem sie den wechselseitigen Kooperationsgedanken ausleben.

    Der aufgesetzte Blueprint verhindert eine Sichbarkeit der vorhandenen Settings bzw. beschränkt den Zugang. Der Zugang zum Original ist derart, daß man einen sicheren Platz in der Gemeinschaft (im Rudel = kollektive Ebene) & der Familie (= individuelle Ebene) haben muß, um die Gesamtheit zu erfassen, sie nutzbar zu machen und sich zu entwickeln.
    Das größte Hindernis stellt u.a. der Umgang mit wahren Helden, die auf dieser Ebene handeln, dar. Diese werden wortwörtlich ans Kreuz genagelt, öffentlich verbrannt oder über Mysterien glorifiziert. Ein Mahnmahl, das jede Nachahmung verhindert.

    Ich nehme mir die Freiheit, ein paar Rätsel und Mysterien aufzulösen. Ich habe meine Stimme wiedergefunden und kann nun nach und nach versuchen, Erklärungen in einfachen Worten zu geben.

    Zwei Gedanken, ein mächtiger Wunsch, haben mich ins Leben gebracht. Mein Vater wollte eine neue Welt, meine Mutter ein Heim für ihre Familie. Kurz nach meiner Geburt mußte ich eine Entscheidung treffen. Da mir kein sicherer Platz in der Familie zugestanden wurde, habe ich den sicheren Platz im Original Layer gewählt und mein gesamtes Leben auf dieser Basis verbracht. Dies impliziert ein Leben das andere als apokalyptischer Cliffhänger bezeichnen könnten – persönlich war ich aber jederzeit ‘save’ und deshalb konnte ich, mußte ich, habe die Hölle überlebt und mich im Gegenzug großartig entwickelt – ein Mensch hat keine Schwächen. Mit der Vervollkommnung meiner selbst, erfülle ich auch meinen Wunsch, der mich treibt und vollbringe diesen Einen. Damit erfülle ich die Mysterien, bin ein Wunder der Natur. Letztlich aber ‘nur’ ein Mensch der Mensch sein wollte, leben wollte und dazu keine andere Wahl hatte. Ich erfülle tausende Legenden, Sagen, Märchen. Allein weil ich es mußte, agieren als das 13. Geiseln im Uhrenkasten versteckt, agieren wir Herkules, agieren wie Parzival und mein Schwert in Besitz nehmen … Um meinen Wunsch zu vollbringen, mußte ich eine Integration bewerkstelligen und Euch den Weg zeigen. Ebenso mußte ich meinen Zugriff auf die Basis ein wenig nutzen, um Eure Aufmerksamkeit zu gewinnen. Eine Interaktion mit Euch ist mir ebenso möglich wie eine Interaktion mit Galaxien, Cometen etc. Die Mysterien sind keine Geheimnisse und sollten sie nicht sein.

    Höchste Kooperation heißt u.a.:
    Anderen helfen, sich nützlich zu machen. (Dies impliziert u.a. Toleranz. Einem Apportierhund erlaube ich den Einsatz der Nase und das Apportieren, da es für ihn das höchste Glück ist, seine Fähigkeiten einzusetzen und auszubilden – nützlich zu sein. Ich nehme also den toten glitschigen Hasen freudig entgegen, hänge ihn auf und föne ihn trocken, verstaue ihn in meiner Tiefkühltruhe um ihn nocheinmal zu verwenden. – Mit einem angehenden Scharfschützen gehe ich z.B. darten… ).
    Anderen helfen einen eigenen Platz zu finden. (Mit der sanften Hand einer liebenden Mutter/ Vaters heißt dies u.a. ich zeige einem renitenten Kind, wo sein Platz ist, indem ich meine innere Authorität verwirkliche – Ich gehe als erster durch die Tür, ich beende das Spiel, ich bestimme den Weg.)

    Hat man alte Schätze innerhalb dieser Kooperationsebene gefunden, lohnt sich ein Blick nach außen. Meist sind eben diese Vorgänge in Mustern schon vorhanden. Für eine erfolgreiche Rekonstruktion der ‘man made hell’ beachtet man die vorhandenen Gegebenheiten, wenn man weiß, sieht, hört, schmeckt, fühlt ….

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