~ Message from the Elementals, Fairies and Elves during the Blood Moon portal ~

Pictures : Méline

These are messages that were conveyed through me while being in Avebury Stone Circle, UK.

Méline: Can you tell us what you ARE as an ESSENCE and being, instead of this form of stone?

Stones in Avebury: We are a part of the Elementals, we are Elemental Spirits that are formed into a stone as this is the vision and perception of Humanity of how they perceive us; which is the form of a stone. And as soon as Humanity will see us as an elemental Spirit we will be set free as a stone. Thank you for being here.

more  http://www.melinelafont.com/#!-Message-from-the-Elementals-Fairies-and-Elves-during-the-Blood-Moon-portal-/c112t/AF43C693-9BF6-47E4-82C7-0AE69164DA45


2 thoughts on “~ Message from the Elementals, Fairies and Elves during the Blood Moon portal ~

  1. I spent 7 nights camping at the south east entrance to Dark Canyon west, and watched the Blood Moon in excellent conditions. The last night that I stayed at the campsite/contact zone, the howling coming out of Dark Canyon was the worst of the entire op, loud, close and some of it bordering on the unnatural. There may have been a skinwalker or other non conventional life form nearby. I didn’t get out of the tent to investigate, and after a while it subsided and I went to sleep.

    If it had gotten to a close proximity to the campsite where I felt there was a risk of an imminent threat. I would of gotten dressed, put on my headlamp and waist pack with the bear spray, lock blade, smart phone in weather case, and small 250 lumen flashlight on the clasp belt. And gotten my 1,075 lumen high powered full size adjustable beam width flashlight, katana, and put plastic wire ties, 275 lb test strength tactical cord, surgical gloves and mask in the waist pack, and gone to investigate.

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